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A Scientific Approach to Innovation Management

Università Bocconi

A Scientific Approach to Innovation Management provides a systematic process for strategic decisions about innovative products and services, using problem-framing...

Achieving Supplier Diversity

Coursera Instructor Network

This course on Achieving Supplier Diversity equips learners with the knowledge and tools to develop and implement successful supplier diversity programs, benefiting...

Additive Manufacturing

University of Michigan

This course explores Additive Manufacturing, covering its basics, industrial applications, business considerations, and future trends. Learners gain insights from...

Advanced Business Strategy

University of Virginia

Advance your strategic analysis skills with Advanced Business Strategy, a comprehensive course covering competitive dynamics, internationalization, diversification,...

Analyzing Macro-Environmental Factors Using Creately

Coursera Project Network

Learn to identify and analyze business markets using PESTLE analysis and Creately in this 2-hour guided project.

Applied Analytics and Data for Decision Making

The State University of New York

Applied Analytics and Data for Decision Making prepares learners to identify root causes, test solutions, and integrate operational excellence methodologies for...

Automate tasks and processes with Jira

Coursera Project Network

Automate tasks and processes with Jira, learning automation rules, sub-tasks, and smart values in under 2.5 hours.

Automation for Business


"Automation for Business" is a transformative 90-minute online course catering to diverse audiences. Participants gain actionable insights to drive efficiency,...

Blockchain Opportunity Analysis for Global Commerce


This course enables participants to analyze opportunities for blockchain technology in global commerce, culminating in a comprehensive project deliverable.

Branding: The Creative Journey

IE Business School

Branding: The Creative Journey Specialization offers a comprehensive study of branding concepts and strategies, covering brand identity, storytelling, campaign creation,...

Budgeting essentials and development

Fundação Instituto de Administração

Budgeting Essentials and Development is a comprehensive course focusing on integrating strategic guidelines into budgeting, developing budget planning and control...

Business Growth Strategy

University of Virginia

Business Growth Strategy equips you with the tools to analyze and recommend actions for organizational growth, emphasizing scaling, market entry, acquisitions, and...

Business Innovation and Digital Disruption

Parsons School of Design, The New School & Universidad de Palermo

Business Innovation and Digital Disruption equips participants with design thinking fundamentals, digital disruption impact insights, and marketing strategies to...

Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Landscape Restoration

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Land degradation is a pressing global issue, but with vast potential for restoration. This course focuses on business model innovation for large-scale landscape...

Business Problem Solving

Howard University

Business Problem Solving Specialization equips learners with spreadsheet modeling skills to analyze and solve business problems, make data-driven decisions, and...

Business Strategies for Social Impact

University of Pennsylvania

Business Strategies for Social Impact is a comprehensive course designed to equip individuals, organizations, and investors with the knowledge to drive positive...

Business Strategy

University of Virginia

Business Strategy Specialization equips learners with the tools to evaluate industry evolution, sustain competitive advantage, and align business strategies. The...

Capstone: Create Value from Open Data

ESSEC Business School

Capstone: Create Value from Open Data. This course guides participants through defining and solving an issue using open data from various sectors, emphasizing the...