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Banking and Money

Khan Academy

This course explains the fundamentals of banking systems, including how money is created.

Consumer Behaviour

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Focus of the course would be on the psychological and sociological elements and their impact on consumer decision making. The course will help the students take...

Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators

University of Michigan

This third course in a three-part series is intended to teach generalist administrators about the finance and accounting necessary to manage health care organizations,...

Credit Crisis

Khan Academy

This course covers the causes and subsequent effects of the credit crisis.

Dean's Speaker Series

University of California, Berkeley

The Dean's Speaker Series brings to Haas distinguished individuals who are leaders of business and other organizations.

Econometric Modelling

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The objective of this course is to present a comprehensive tools and techniques for managerial decision making including problem of cost estimation, market size...

Environmental Entrepreneurship

Yale University

Select lectures from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies on the topic of entrepreneurship, energy and the environment.


Khan Academy

Videos on finance and macroeconomics.

Finance & Economics

Stanford University

Learn from the experts. Featuring several lecturers at the top of their field, gain an overall understanding of finance andĀ economicsĀ in this free lecture series...

Financial Markets

Yale University

With the news media abuzz in recent months with cryptic terms like quantitative easing and asset-backed securities, a decent understanding of financial markets has...

Global Supply Chain Management

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Supply chains are generally considered as a network of nodes with each node adding value to products that swiftly flow through the logistics and IT pipelines connecting...