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Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Course Outline: Introduction, Vector Spaces, Solutions of Linear Systems, Important Subspaces associated with a matrix, Orthogonality, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors,...


Khan Academy

Topics covered from very basic algebra all the way through algebra II. This is the best algebra playlist to start at if you've never seen algebra before. Once you...

Algebra I Worked Examples

Khan Academy

180 Worked Algebra I examples (problems written by the Monterey Institute of Technology and Education). You should look at the "Algebra" playlist if you've...

Applied Multivariate Analysis

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Multivariate analysis is a fundamental concept in applied statistics. In this course, we shall first look at basic concepts of multivariate distributions and study...


Khan Academy

The most basic of the math playlists. Start here if you have very little background in math fundamentals (or just want to make sure you do). After watching this...


Khan Academy

Topics covered in the first two or three semesters of college calculus. Everything from limits to derivatives to integrals to vector calculus. Should understand...

Calculus / First Semester - Limits, Continuity, Derivatives


This play list should be pretty much in order with the way many people will see material in the class. Of course, not all classes are the same, so some of my videos...

Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Calculus Revisited is a series of videos and related resources that covers the materials normally found in a freshman-level introductory calculus course. The series...

Computational Science and Engineering I

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This course provides a review of linear algebra, including applications to networks, structures, and estimation, Lagrange multipliers. Also covered are: differential...

Convex Optimization I

Stanford University

Concentrates on recognizing and solving convex optimization problems that arise in engineering. Topics include: Convex sets, functions, and optimization problems....

Convex Optimization II

Stanford University

Continuation of Convex Optimization I. Topics include: Subgradient, cutting-plane, and ellipsoid methods. Decentralized convex optimization via primal and dual decomposition....

Developmental Math

Khan Academy

Worked developmental math examples from the Monterey Institute. These start pretty basic and would prepare a student for the Algebra I worked examples.