Business Strategies for Social Impact

University of Pennsylvania

Business Strategies for Social Impact is a transformative course offered by the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on the intersection of business and societal change. Through engaging content and expert instruction, this course delves into the fundamentals of impact investing, purpose-driven leadership, and effective strategies for creating positive social impact globally.

Participants will explore the evolving role of business and discover how to harness purpose to inspire meaningful change. With a strong emphasis on impact measurement and investment, learners will gain insights into cultivating purpose, driving impactful strategies, and evaluating societal impact through evidence-based models.

  • Gain insights into purpose-driven leadership and the evolving role of business
  • Explore innovative business strategies for creating positive social impact
  • Understand impact measurement and effective investment for societal change
  • Learn from renowned Wharton professors and industry experts

By the conclusion of this course, participants will possess a deep understanding of leading organizations with purpose and be equipped to develop successful strategies that drive impactful change around the world.

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Business Strategies for Social Impact
Course Modules

This course comprises four modules that delve into purpose-driven leadership, the role of business in driving social impact, impact measurement, and impact investing. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into these essential aspects of creating positive societal change through business strategies.

Module 1: Purpose-Driven Leadership

Module 1: Purpose-Driven Leadership

Explore the evolving role of business and the cultivation of purpose as a driving force for positive change. Gain insights from industry leaders through engaging interviews and practical exercises to test assumptions and identify win-win scenarios.

Module 2: How Business Drives Social Impact

Module 2: How Business Drives Social Impact

Dive into the core practices of driving social impact through business, including employment, operations, investment, and philanthropy. Understand the intersection of impact and profit, and learn from in-depth interviews with industry experts.

Module 3: Impact Measurement

Module 3: Impact Measurement

Discover the essential principles of impact measurement, including standards of evidence and logic models. Gain insights into evaluating impact at various levels and understand the importance of evidence-based models in driving meaningful societal change.

Module 4: Impact Investing

Module 4: Impact Investing

Gain a comprehensive understanding of impact investing, including global trends, shareholder activism, and the expected cost of social investing. Explore the role of government and community in impact investing while learning about classic impact investment strategies.

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