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Data science courses focus on statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Enroll in a data science course to gain the skills needed to extract insights from large datasets. Ideal for professionals in IT, finance, and healthcare.

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3D SARS-CoV-19 Protein Visualization With Biopython

Coursera Project Network

Create an interactive 3D representation of SARS-CoV-19 protein using Biopython in this hands-on project, providing insights into bioinformatics and medical research....

A Simple Scatter Plot using D3 js

Coursera Project Network

A Simple Scatter Plot using D3 js is a guided project focused on creating a basic scatter plot, utilizing linear and ordinal scaling for accurate data visualization....

Access Bioinformatics Databases with Biopython

Coursera Project Network

Learn to access, parse, and visualize bioinformatics data from various databases using Biopython in this 1-hour guided project.

Accounting Data Analytics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Accounting Data Analytics specialization develops learners’ analytics mindset and knowledge of data analytics tools and techniques relevant to accounting.

Advanced Data Science with IBM


Advance your data science skills with IBM's specialization, covering scalable data processing, advanced machine learning, deep learning, and AI. Earn an IBM digital...

Advanced Data Visualization with R

Johns Hopkins University

Advanced Data Visualization with R is a comprehensive course that explores advanced data visualization techniques using R, focusing on expanding learners' inventory...

Advanced Data Visualization with Tableau

Tableau Learning Partner

Advanced Data Visualization with Tableau empowers learners to create complex visualizations and spatial analytics, enabling effective communication of insights to...

Advanced Linear Models for Data Science 2: Statistical Linear Models

Johns Hopkins University

Advanced Linear Models for Data Science 2: Statistical Linear Models provides a comprehensive understanding of least squares from a linear algebraic and mathematical...

Advanced Machine Learning on Google Cloud

Google Cloud

This 5-course specialization delves into advanced machine learning on Google Cloud Platform, teaching you to build scalable, accurate, and production-ready models...

Advanced Models in Smartpls

Coursera Project Network

Learn to create path models using Smartpls in this 1-hour project-based course. Interpret and run models for different groups effectively.

Advanced Recommender Systems

EIT Digital & Politecnico di Milano

Advanced Recommender Systems is a comprehensive course that equips learners with the knowledge and skills to build sophisticated recommender systems using advanced...

Advanced Reproducibility in Cancer Informatics

Johns Hopkins University

This advanced course equips learners with reproducibility tools in cancer informatics, enhancing data analysis replicability and efficiency.

AI for Good


Explore how AI can address public health, climate change, and disaster management in the AI for Good Specialization. Gain practical skills and knowledge to tackle...

AI for Medicine


AI for Medicine is a three-course Specialization that provides practical experience in applying machine learning to concrete problems in medicine, such as diagnosing...

AI for Scientific Research


AI for Scientific Research specialization teaches the complete machine learning process, employing AI to predict sequences in scientific datasets.

AI Foundations for Everyone


AI Foundations for Everyone is designed for individuals with little or no background in AI, offering a comprehensive understanding of AI, its applications, and use...

AI in Healthcare

Stanford University

AI in Healthcare explores the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in patient care and diagnoses, offering insights for healthcare providers and computer...

AI Product Management

Duke University

AI Product Management equips professionals with foundational understanding of machine learning, human-centered design, and AI project management. No coding required,...