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Data science courses focus on statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Enroll in a data science course to gain the skills needed to extract insights from large datasets. Ideal for professionals in IT, finance, and healthcare.

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Unsupervised Machine Learning for Customer Market Segmentation

Coursera Project Network

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Customer Market Segmentation

Use Python for Non-Data Role

Coursera Project Network

Learn to use Python for non-data roles in this project. Gain valuable skills in uploading Excel sets, creating lists, dictionaries, tables, and Gantt charts with...

Use Tableau for Your Data Science Workflow

University of California, Irvine

This specialization explores visualization in the data science workflow, using Tableau for interactive visual analytics, data manipulation, and dashboard creation....

User Awareness and Education for Generative AI

Coursera Instructor Network

This course empowers users with a friendly understanding of Generative AI, emphasizing transparency, informed decision-making, and responsible interaction with AI...

Using Advanced Formulas and Functions in Excel

Coursera Project Network

Using Advanced Formulas and Functions in Excel provides hands-on training in applying advanced Excel functions to real-world examples.

Using BigQuery in the Google Cloud Console

Google Cloud

Using BigQuery in the Google Cloud Console allows you to master querying public tables, creating custom tables, and loading data into BigQuery using the GCP Console....

Using Custom Fields in Looker Explores

Google Cloud

Using Custom Fields in Looker Explores allows non-developer users to create ad hoc fields for richer data analysis independently.

Using ggplot

Coursera Project Network

Using ggplot will teach you how to create visualizations in R using ggplot2, a powerful plotting package. Explore the Grammar of Graphics and learn to use RStudio...

Using Tensorflow for Image Style Transfer

Coursera Project Network

Unleash your creativity with Neural Style Transfer using Tensorflow. Learn to transform images with the styles of famous artists in this hands-on course.

Visual Analytics with Tableau

University of California, Davis

Visual Analytics with Tableau offers a deep dive into Tableau tools for charting, dates, table calculations, and mapping. Learn to create compelling visualizations...

VisualizaciĆ³n Avanzada de datos con Python

Coursera Project Network

Learn advanced data visualization techniques in Python using popular libraries like Seaborn, Altair, Bokeh, and Matplotlib. Master the art of choosing the right...

Visualization of UK accidents using Plotly Express

Coursera Project Network

In this project-based course, you will learn to visualize UK accidents using Plotly Express, gaining insights into road accident trends, casualty rates, and accident...

Visualizing & Communicating Results in Python with Jupyter


Learn to code and present data using visualization tools in Jupyter Notebook. Gain the skills to describe, analyze, and communicate data effectively.

Visualizing Filters of a CNN using TensorFlow

Coursera Project Network

Learn to visualize filters of a CNN using TensorFlow. Implement gradient ascent algorithm to visualize image features that activate filters of a CNN.

Vital Skills for Data Science

University of Colorado Boulder

Vital Skills for Data Science offers an introduction to key areas of data science, including ethical considerations, cybersecurity, and data visualization, providing...

What is Data Science?


This course introduces the fundamentals of data science, exploring its applications and career paths. Participants will gain insights into the evolving field and...

Where, Why, and How of Lambda Functions in Python

Coursera Project Network

Learn the fundamentals of lambda expressions in Python for data manipulation and exploration in this beginner-friendly guided project.

Working with SQL Stored Procedures using MySQL Workbench

Coursera Project Network

Learn to create and utilize efficient SQL stored procedures in MySQL Workbench. Enhance your skills with input and output parameters, and practice as you progress...