Business Growth Strategy

University of Virginia

Discover the strategies to analyze and recommend actions for organizational growth in the Business Growth Strategy course. Learn to evaluate opportunities for scaling, entering new markets, and driving innovation while avoiding common pitfalls. Delve into game theory, acquisition analysis, and innovation strategies to unlock the keys to sustainable growth and value creation.

  • Learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities to scale an organization.
  • Understand market entry strategies and apply game theory to analyze and respond to competitors.
  • Assess the impact of potential mergers and acquisitions and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Explore innovation strategies, from building innovative capabilities to determining an innovation strategy.

Developed by the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, this course is a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to drive organizational growth and value creation.

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Business Growth Strategy
Course Modules

The course modules cover growth through scaling, market entry, acquisitions, and innovation strategies, providing a comprehensive guide to organizational growth and value creation.

Growth through Scaling

Module 1: Gain insights into growth through scaling, understanding the reasons for growth, evaluating growth alternatives, and assessing associated risks. Dive into scenario planning and strategist's toolkit for scenario planning.

Growth through Entry

Module 2: Explore growth through market entry, utilizing game theory to understand rivalry and cooperation, identifying potential rivals, and strategizing pre- and post-entry strategies.

Growth through Acquisition

Module 3: Delve into growth through acquisitions, understanding the pros and cons, avoiding common pitfalls, identifying successful acquisition opportunities, and conducting acquisition analysis.

Growth through Innovation

Module 4: Uncover growth through innovation, including innovation strategies, developing innovative capabilities, unlocking the keys to innovation, and determining an innovation strategy. Explore real options analysis in the strategist's toolkit.

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