Budgeting essentials and development

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The Budgeting Essentials and Development course offers a comprehensive and integrative understanding of budget planning, development, and control within a corporate setting. Through a practical approach, learners explore key concepts, methods, and techniques to effectively develop and manage budgets. The course equips participants with the skills to integrate strategic guidelines, structure budget planning logically, coordinate with different areas of the company, and apply financial concepts to support the budget planning process.

The course delves into the challenges, common issues, and approaches to mitigate problems encountered during budget planning, emphasizing the transition between corporate strategy and the budget. Learners gain insights into the budgeting process, its complexities, and practical solutions to enhance the learning curve. Notably, the course covers the development of a budget monitoring and control model to support performance management, as well as evaluating company performance through results and budget management.

Overall, this course provides a valuable opportunity for learners to deepen their understanding of budgeting essentials, gain practical skills in budget planning and control, and learn effective strategies for managing budgets within a corporate framework.

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Budgeting essentials and development
Course Modules

Budgeting Essentials and Development course modules provide comprehensive insights into integrating strategic guidelines into budgeting, developing budget planning and control models, and evaluating company performance. Learners gain practical skills to navigate the budgeting process effectively.

Module 1: Strategy & Budgeting - Planning & Controlling

The Strategy & Budgeting - Planning & Controlling module provides an in-depth examination of the planning cycle, management responsibilities, connections with the budget, and the trade-off between "more planning" versus "more control." Learners engage in strategy analysis and take quizzes to test their improvement in these areas.

MODULE 2 - Corporate budgeting

The Corporate Budgeting module explores the link between strategy and the budget at the corporate and business levels, governance and budget practical aspects, budget planning guidelines, and the overview of the budget development framework. Learners test their improvement through quizzes and assessments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of corporate budgeting.

Module 3.1 - The company operations and the Budget

The Company Operations and the Budget module delves into structuring budgeting, revenue forecasting, production budget, marketing and sales budget, performance management, and the budget development framework. Learners gain practical skills in budget development and test their improvement through quizzes and assessments.

Module 3.2 - The company operations and the Budget

The R&D Budgeting, Administration Budget, and Capital Budget module provides insights into R&D budgeting, administration budget connections, capital budget scope, and the master budget. Learners engage in quizzes to test their learning improvement on budget analysis and assessment.

MODULE 4 - Financial and reporting model

The Financial and Reporting Model module explores budget monitoring, financial management, working capital relevance, financial statements, and performance management. Learners test their improvement through quizzes and assessments, gaining practical skills in financial and non-financial indicators.

MODULE 5 - Budget control

The Budget Control module provides an overview of variance, internal control, results analysis, performance management, and planning approaches. Learners engage in quizzes to test their learning improvement on budget control and planning approaches, gaining practical skills in controlling the budget effectively.

MODULE 6 - Planning Process – Approaches and evolution

The Planning Process – Approaches and Evolution module offers insights into traditional budget planning, limitations, and new approaches to budgeting. Learners test their learning improvement through quizzes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the planning process and approaches.

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