Advanced Business Strategy

University of Virginia

Advance your strategic analysis skills with the Advanced Business Strategy course offered by the University of Virginia. This advanced course, developed at the Darden School of Business, delves into the tools and frameworks essential for analyzing and understanding strategy dynamics across various dimensions.

Throughout the program, you'll explore the dynamics of competition, competitive life cycles, internationalization strategies, and the right degree of diversification. The course also emphasizes stakeholder management, highlighting the value of engaging with non-capital stakeholders to create value. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary expertise to navigate and thrive in complex business landscapes.

  • Enhance strategic analysis skills
  • Understand competitive dynamics and industry disruption
  • Explore internationalization and foreign market entry
  • Learn about the value of diversification and stakeholder engagement

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Advanced Business Strategy
Course Modules

Refine your strategic analysis skills through modules covering Dynamic Strategy, International Strategy, Diversification Strategy, and Stakeholder Strategy. Gain insights into competitive dynamics, internationalization, diversification, and stakeholder management.

Dynamic Strategy

Dynamic Strategy module introduces you to the concept of strategy over time, focusing on the dynamic capabilities perspective and the competitive life cycle. You'll explore common patterns, reasons for firm survival or failure, and the strategist's toolkit for competitive life cycle analysis.

International Strategy

International Strategy module delves into patterns of internationalization, strategies for entering foreign markets, and foreign direct investment. You'll learn about the strategist's toolkit for internationalization analysis and gain insights into international strategy dynamics.

Diversification Strategy

Diversification Strategy module explores the financial, operational, and strategic reasons to diversify, along with the theory of the firm and the right degree of diversification. You'll also gain insights into the strategist's toolkit for diversification matrices.

Stakeholder Strategy

Stakeholder Strategy module emphasizes creating value for stakeholders, aligning key and secondary stakeholders, sources of institutional pressure, and the alignment of values. Additionally, you'll review assignments and explore advanced competitive positioning.

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