Capstone: Create Value from Open Data

ESSEC Business School

The Capstone project is an individual assignment. Participants decide the theme they want to explore and define the issue they want to solve. Their “playing field” should provide data from various sectors (such as farming and nutrition, culture, economy and employment, Education & Research, International & Europe, Housing, Sustainable, Development & Energies, Health & Social, Society, Territories & Transport). Participants are encouraged to mix the different fields and leverage the existing information with other (properly sourced) open data sets. Deliverable 1 is the preliminary preparation and problem qualification step. The objectives is to define the what, why & how. What issue do we want to solve? Why does it promise value for public authorities, companies, citizens? How do we want to explore the provided data? For Deliverable 2, the participant needs to present the intermediary outputs and adjustments to the analysis framework. The objectives is to confirm the how and the relevancy of the first results. Finally, with Deliverable 3, the participant needs to present the final outputs and the value case. The objective is to confirm the why. Why will it create value for public authorities, companies, and citizens. Assessment and grading: the participants will present their results to their peers on a regular basis. An evaluation framework will be provided for the participants to assess the quality of each other’s deliverables.

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Capstone:  Create Value from Open Data
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