Blockchain Opportunity Analysis for Global Commerce


In the "Blockchain Opportunity Analysis for Global Commerce" course, participants will synthesize their learning into a project deliverable known as a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis. Throughout the course, they will identify specific needs or problems in global commerce that can potentially be addressed using blockchain technology. Participants will investigate possible solutions to these problems, learn from real-world practitioners, and gain access to the Blockchain Case Commons—a collection of blockchain applications and use-cases across multiple industries.

By the end of the course, participants will have developed a consolidated, peer-reviewed Blockchain Opportunity Analysis, which they can utilize to pitch ideas to their organization or potential investors.

  • Identify new ideas or opportunities for blockchain within Global Commerce
  • Explain how to position an idea to create new value for customers
  • Identify the business model decisions necessary to assess an idea's feasibility
  • Describe the organizational changes required to bring an idea to fruition

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Blockchain Opportunity Analysis for Global Commerce
Course Modules

Participants will engage with industry analysis, opportunity identification, positioning, execution, and the final deliverable. Real-world practitioner perspectives and tools for organizing findings are integrated throughout the course.

Industry Analysis

The first module, "Industry Analysis," provides an introduction to the course and insights from real-world practitioners, including how to use the Blockchain Case Commons. Participants will explore exploratory market research, conduct a competitive analysis, and engage in industry analysis to lay the foundation for their Blockchain Opportunity Analysis project.

Opportunity Identification

The second module, "Opportunity Identification," delves into the problems that blockchain can and cannot solve, guiding participants in formulating a strong problem statement and brainstorming blockchain opportunities. Participants will also learn about the use of a decision matrix and how to articulate the benefit of their identified opportunities.


The "Positioning" module focuses on strategic positioning, featuring insights from practitioners and providing guidance on positioning both the idea and the organization within the context of blockchain opportunities in global commerce.


In the "Execution" module, participants explore business model innovation, designing the business model, and considering operational aspects to bring their identified blockchain opportunities to fruition.

Final Deliverable

The final module, "Final Deliverable," guides participants through preparing their consolidated, peer-reviewed Blockchain Opportunity Analysis, culminating the course with a comprehensive project deliverable.

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