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Indulge your creative side with music and art courses that cover various forms of artistic expression, from painting to musical composition. A music and art course can enrich your life while enhancing your skills.

82 Music and Art Courses

Accessibility to the Scenic Arts

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Accessibility to the Scenic Arts course offers comprehensive training on making cultural venues and productions accessible to all citizens, especially those with...

Agent-based Generative Art | NetLogo

Coursera Project Network

Agent-based Generative Art | NetLogo Develop agent-based computer program for generative art pieces in under 2 hours.

Art and the Digital Transformation

Copenhagen Business School

Art and the Digital Transformation is a course designed for changemakers interested in leveraging the arts to influence technology development, support digital literacy,...

Art for Games

Michigan State University

Art for Games is a beginner-focused specialization covering 2D and 3D game art, concept art, and current-gen game art workflow, using various tools like Maya, Unity,...

ART of the MOOC: Activism and Social Movements

Duke University

This course explores the intersection of art and social movements, challenging learners to engage in cultural activities while examining contemporary art practice...

Become a Journalist: Report the News!

Michigan State University

Become a Journalist: Report the News! Develop and enhance your understanding of journalism through hands-on projects, ethical standards, and societal impact exploration....

Brand New Brand

California Institute of the Arts

Brand New Brand is a comprehensive course that guides you through the entire design process of creating a visual identity for an imaginary start-up company. From...

Building Your Artistic Brand

University of Colorado Boulder

Stand out in the music industry by building a distinctive brand with this course. Gain insights on market research, audience analysis, and effective marketing strategies...

Character Design for Video Games

California Institute of the Arts

Character Design for Video Games is a comprehensive course exploring the art of creating successful character designs for video games, featuring master classes from...

Classics of Chinese Humanities: Guided Readings

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

An introductory exploration of key Chinese classic texts covering literature, history, philosophy, and fine arts, providing a foundational understanding of Chinese...

Copyright for Multimedia

Duke University

Copyright for Multimedia provides comprehensive insight into copyright issues for data, images, music, and video, addressing fair use, permissions, and unique considerations...

Creating Sounds for Electronic Music


Creating Sounds for Electronic Music is a project-centered course that will help you gain skills in music production and confidently use software synthesizers to...

Creative Writing

Wesleyan University

Craft Your Story Like the Great Writers.

Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

Wesleyan University

Unleash your creative potential with the Craft of Style, a course that hones your writing skills, enhancing clarity, inventiveness, and revision techniques essential...

Developing Your Musicianship


Developing Your Musicianship specialization nurtures your love for music and deepens your understanding of music theory. From basic concepts to advanced skills,...

Developing Your Musicianship


Developing Your Musicianship is an engaging introduction to understanding, creating, and performing contemporary music. It covers scales, intervals, chords, and...

Discover Acting

University of London

Are you ready to unlock your acting potential? Join our 'Discover Acting' course to delve into the basics of actor training, practical exercises, and the art of...

El Músico Moderno

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo & Berklee

El Músico Moderno te prepara para triunfar en la industria musical contemporánea con sólidos conocimientos en teoría, producción y composición musical.