Creating Sounds for Electronic Music


Embark on a project-centered journey with the "Creating Sounds for Electronic Music" course by Berklee. This comprehensive course is designed for aspiring producers, composers, and hobbyists who want to enhance their music production skills and confidence in using software synthesizers. Throughout the course, you will collaborate with classmates to build a vast database of custom sounds, or patches, to incorporate into your musical compositions.

With a focus on practical application, you will work with a free version of FXpansion Strobe 2 to create and utilize custom synthesizer patches, elevating your electronic music creations. It is recommended that learners have a basic understanding of music production and access to a digital audio workstation that supports VST, AAX, or AU plugins, as well as a MIDI keyboard or controller.

As you progress through the course, you will explore the unique aspects of electronic music, develop your own mock-up, and create multiple drafts, refining your synthesizer sounds to enhance the quality of your music. The course adopts a project-centered approach, providing guidance and suggestions from instructors and fellow learners to help you effectively apply new concepts and skills.

  • Create custom synthesizer patches
  • Incorporate your custom patches into your electronic music
  • Improve your music through editing

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Creating Sounds for Electronic Music
Course Modules

The "Creating Sounds for Electronic Music" course consists of five modules that cover a range of topics, including understanding the unique aspects of electronic music, creating mock-ups, and refining synthesizer sounds through multiple drafts. Each module provides hands-on experience and collaborative learning opportunities.

Welcome to Creating Sounds for Electronic Music!

Welcome to the "Creating Sounds for Electronic Music" course, where you will be introduced to the unique aspects of electronic music. Engage in course overview, connect with your classmates, and set your goals for the project-centered journey ahead.

Creating A Mock Up

Embark on creating a mock-up in this module, where you will initialize Strobe 2 and explore the creation of essential elements such as kick drum and bass patches. Download the free 90-day demo of Strobe 2 and find inspiration for your musical compositions.

Creating Draft 1

Delve into the creation of draft 1 in this module, where you will explore various categories of synthesizer sounds, including organs, leads, keyboards, and arpeggiator patches. Reflect on your work and refine your draft to enhance your musical compositions.

Creating Draft 2

Transition from preset to perfection in this module, as you refine your synthesizer sounds from draft 1 to draft 2. Explore pad, synchronized synth, unison, and chord patches to elevate the quality of your electronic music.

Creating Draft 3

Explore the role of timbre as a motive force in this module, where you will refine your synthesizer sounds in draft 3. Dive into sequence, special FX, and texture patches to further enhance your electronic music compositions.

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