Building Your Artistic Brand

University of Colorado Boulder

Are you a musician striving to establish a unique identity in the competitive music industry? The "Building Your Artistic Brand" course equips you with essential branding skills to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Through this comprehensive program, you'll explore the principles of branding as they apply to the performing arts and learn to curate a professional online image while effectively engaging with your audience. This course is designed for both emerging talents and seasoned professionals seeking to elevate their careers.

  • Develop a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your audience
  • Gain insights in market research techniques, audience analysis, and target demographics
  • Learn to utilize marketing channels effectively and create compelling social media content

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Building Your Artistic Brand
Course Modules

Gain the knowledge and skills to stand out in the music industry with this course. Modules cover defining your brand, understanding your market, marketing channels and strategies, and managing your online presence.

Defining Your Brand

Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset: This module introduces you to the entrepreneurial mindset and guides you through defining your artistic brand. You'll learn about principles of entrepreneurship and create a mood board to capture your professional image.

Who is Your Market?

Understanding Your Market: Dive into the fundamentals of markets and learn to define your customer market and audience. This module equips you with the knowledge to conduct market studies and utilize online resources for market information.

Marketing Channels and Strategies

Marketing Channels and Strategies: Explore the essentials of marketing and understand how to identify and employ various marketing channels to promote your brand and build your music career. Develop effective marketing strategies to engage with your audience.

Managing Your Online Presence

Managing Your Online Presence: Learn to leverage social media and other online platforms effectively for your music career. This module covers social media strategies, content creation, and techniques for engaging with your audience to strengthen your brand and entrepreneurial presence.

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