Classics of Chinese Humanities: Guided Readings

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

An immersive journey through the realms of Chinese classical literature, history, philosophy, and fine arts awaits in this enlightening course. Delve into timeless texts that have shaped the cultural and intellectual landscape of China, gaining profound insights into the essence of Chinese humanities.

  • Explore select classic Chinese texts, unraveling their deep-rooted significance.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the domains of literature, history, philosophy, and fine arts within the Chinese context.
  • Immerse yourself in the wisdom and cultural heritage encapsulated in these timeless texts.
  • Engage with thought-provoking lectures and assessments, deepening your comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Enrich your knowledge of Chinese humanities under the guidance of esteemed scholars.

Embark on this enlightening journey and unearth the profound insights offered by the classics of Chinese humanities.

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Classics of Chinese Humanities: Guided Readings
Course Modules

Embark on an enlightening journey through this course, exploring select Chinese classic texts that encompass literature, history, philosophy, and fine arts, under the guidance of esteemed scholars.


Module 1 introduces the course, providing an overview, syllabus, recommended readings, glossary, and chronology, setting the stage for the exploration of Chinese classic texts.

Lecture 1: The True Face of Hero

Lecture 1 delves into the theme of The True Face of Hero, unraveling its significance through a multi-part lecture and additional materials, inviting critical assessment.

Lecture 2: The Way of Confucian Tradition

Lecture 2 explores The Way of Confucian Tradition, delving into its essence across multiple parts and culminating in a thought-provoking assessment.

Lecture 3: Landscape of Immortality

Lecture 3 delves into the Landscape of Immortality, providing insights into its significance through a multi-part lecture, additional materials, and a comprehensive assessment.

Lecture 4: In Search of the Chinese Soul & Course Assignment

Lecture 4 delves into the theme of In Search of the Chinese Soul, culminating in a course assignment that encapsulates the essence of the course's exploration.

Final Assessment

The final assessment module concludes the course, allowing for a comprehensive review of the knowledge gained throughout the journey.

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