Free Online Healthcare Management Courses

Navigate the complexities of healthcare systems with healthcare management courses. A healthcare management course will teach you about leadership, operations, and quality improvement in healthcare settings.

14 Healthcare Management Courses

Drug Development Product Management

University of California San Diego

This course provides a comprehensive overview of drug development and product management in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, offering insights into the complex...

Drug Discovery

University of California San Diego

Drug Discovery course provides a comprehensive understanding of the drug discovery process, from target selection to regulatory responsibilities. Gain insights into...

Fixing Healthcare Delivery

University of Florida

Fixing Healthcare Delivery provides a deep understanding of healthcare system problems and solutions. Learn to apply manufacturing principles, teamwork, and adaptive...

Health Care Delivery in Healthcare Organizations

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey

This course explores innovative ways to deliver and receive healthcare, covering topics such as healthcare consumerism, patient perspectives, treatment delivery...

Health Care IT: Challenges and Opportunities

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

This course explores the challenges and opportunities of health care IT, emphasizing technology's impact on patient care and organizational effectiveness.

Healthcare Law

University of Pennsylvania

Healthcare Law is a comprehensive Specialization that delves into the complex legal framework governing modern health systems, covering U.S. healthcare law, privacy...

Healthcare Marketplace

University of Minnesota

Healthcare Marketplace is a comprehensive course covering major sectors of the healthcare industry, addressing innovations, delivery, and evaluation, and culminating...

Healthcare Organization Operations

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey

Healthcare Organization Operations provides a comprehensive overview of healthcare organizations and their operations, catering to both industry professionals and...

Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals

Northeastern University

Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals is a comprehensive specialization offering insights into the evolving healthcare industry, equipping learners with the...

Intellectual Property in the Healthcare Industry

University of Pennsylvania

Intellectual Property in the Healthcare Industry course provides an in-depth exploration of IP laws in the U.S. and their impact on the healthcare industry. The...

Newborn Capstone

University of Colorado System

Newborn Capstone course prepares learners to apply their knowledge in caring for newborns through real-life case studies, covering jaundice, heart and lung health,...

The Business of Health Care

University of Pennsylvania

The Business of Health Care Specialization equips you with essential skills in health care management and business acumen to navigate the evolving landscape of the...

Value-Based Care

University of Houston

Value-Based Care emphasizes the transition to value-based care and payment models, preparing healthcare professionals for improved patient outcomes and collaborative...


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

循序渐进练瑜伽 offers a comprehensive approach to yoga practice, focusing on safety, technique, and holistic development. Suitable for all levels, it emphasizes...