Healthcare Law

University of Pennsylvania

This Specialization in Healthcare Law, offered by the University of Pennsylvania, equips learners with a deep understanding of the legal intricacies that shape modern health systems. From U.S. healthcare law fundamentals to privacy law, intellectual property, and comparative health systems, this comprehensive course provides a nuanced perspective on the legal landscape of the healthcare industry.

  • Explore the fundamentals of American health law
  • Understand the impact of HIPAA and privacy best practices
  • Examine the influence of intellectual property on healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
  • Analyze how different countries approach healthcare delivery

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Healthcare Law
Course Modules

This Specialization covers U.S. health law fundamentals, privacy law and HIPAA, intellectual property in healthcare, and comparative health systems, offering a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects shaping modern health systems.

U.S. Health Law Fundamentals

Delve into the distinguishing features of the American healthcare system and the role of administrative law. Understand conscientious objection, medical malpractice standards, and the administration of Medicare and Medicaid by the federal government.

Privacy Law and HIPAA

Gain insights into privacy protection through Fair Information Principles, data protection laws, privacy obligations for complex organizations, and strategies for managing compliance issues related to privacy laws and data protection.

Intellectual Property in the Healthcare Industry

Explore the various forms of intellectual property protection under U.S. law and their application in healthcare. Understand the laws developed for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, including drug patents and cutting-edge medical developments.

Comparative Health Systems

Learn to analyze healthcare systems using the World Health Organization building blocks. Apply the framework to different national healthcare systems to understand strengths and weaknesses, and analyze the role of national histories in shaping healthcare delivery approaches.

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