Healthcare Marketplace

University of Minnesota

Gain a deep understanding of the complex and wealthy healthcare marketplace with the Healthcare Marketplace course. Delve into the major sub-sectors of the healthcare industry, from physician and hospital services to pharmaceutical and medical technology innovations. Explore the historical and future perspectives, and examine the impact of healthcare delivery providers on transforming population health. The course equips learners with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and value breakthrough medical technologies, addressing cost-effectiveness analysis and market sizing. The capstone project integrates key skills acquired from the previous modules to create an original medical innovation valuation, offering a strategic outlook for advancing the healthcare marketplace.

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Healthcare Marketplace
Course Modules

The Healthcare Marketplace course modules cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the healthcare sectors major components to evaluating medical technologies and culminating in a capstone project that integrates key skills from the previous modules to create an original medical innovation valuation.

Healthcare Marketplace

In this course in the Healthcare Marketplace specialization, you will identify, define, and describe potential business and public policy solutions to the challenges facing society’s growing demand for health services. Explore the historic trends, future demographic challenges, and diverse philosophies and cultures within and across societies as they relate to healthcare. Gain an appreciation for the role of creativity, innovation, and discovery across disciplines in the development of new medical care solutions.

Healthcare Delivery Providers

Welcome to the exciting world of Healthcare Delivery Providers! This course will help you understand the various providers of healthcare across the U.S. delivery continuum. Explore the unique value proposition of different providers and the challenges they face. Gain insights into the internal and external drivers shaping the U.S. healthcare delivery industry and the innovations driving its transformation.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Innovations

This course provides an in-depth view of the intellectual property creation vital to breakthrough technologies in healthcare. Understand the strategy deployed for pricing drugs and new technologies, as well as the market sizing exercise to identify future research and development investments.

Medical Technology and Evaluation

Explore the concepts, data, and methodology required to critically evaluate new medical technologies for financial investment, reimbursement, and regulatory compliance objectives. Gain skills in understanding reimbursement systems, health care data analysis, and cost/benefit and cost/effectiveness analysis of new technologies.

Healthcare Marketplace Capstone

The capstone course integrates key skills from the previous modules to create an original medical innovation valuation, demonstrating an understanding of the marketplace and its requirements for advancement.

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