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Uncover the mysteries of the universe with physics and astronomy courses. From quantum mechanics to galaxy formation, a physics and astronomy course will expand your understanding of the cosmos.

52 Physics and Astronomy Courses

Advanced Capstone Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Project

University of Colorado Boulder

This advanced capstone course delves into spacecraft dynamics and control, exploring the complexities of a spacecraft system with a hinged panel and investigating...

Advanced Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

University of Colorado Boulder

Advanced Spacecraft Dynamics and Control is a specialized course for experienced engineers, offering advanced insights into modeling spacecraft dynamics with time-varying...

Analytical Mechanics for Spacecraft Dynamics

University of Colorado Boulder

This course delves into advanced analytical mechanics methodologies to develop spacecraft dynamics equations efficiently.

Analyzing the Universe

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey

Analyzing the Universe is an exciting course that delves into astronomical x-ray sources, neutron stars, black holes, quasars, and supernovae. Utilizing real satellite...

Analyzing Thermodynamics Processes using Wolfram notebook

Coursera Project Network

Learn to analyze and compute various thermodynamic processes using the Wolfram tool in this 1-hour guided project-based course.

Angewandte numerische Fluiddynamik


Angewandte numerische Fluiddynamik ist ein Kurs, der Ihnen hilft, Strömungs- und Wärmeübertragungsprobleme effizient zu lösen, unabhängig von der verwendeten...

Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

The University of Edinburgh

Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life explores the origin and evolution of life and the quest for life beyond Earth.

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space

University of Arizona

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space is an engaging course that delves into modern astronomy, covering topics from the history of science to the mysteries of the...

Big History - From the Big Bang until Today

University of Amsterdam

Explore the history of the universe, Earth, and humanity in this captivating Big History course. Gain insights into the interconnectedness of events and the potential...

Control of Nonlinear Spacecraft Attitude Motion

University of Colorado Boulder

This course equips you with the skills to program precise spacecraft orientation and achieve specific aiming goals. You'll cover nonlinear stability, Lyapunov theory,...

D'un infini à l'autre

École Polytechnique

D'un infini à l'autre presents an exploration of the infinitely small and the infinitely large, revealing the interconnectedness of matter’s structure on the...

Flight Mechanics - Anemobarometry


Flight Mechanics - Anemobarometry offers a comprehensive understanding of the physics of the atmosphere and its impact on speed and altitude measurements, equipping...

Flight mechanics - Lift and trajectory


This course on flight mechanics explores lift and trajectory control, emphasizing the impact of angle of attack and speed on lift generation, as well as the hazards...

Flight mechanics - Propulsive balance and energy


This course delves into energy management, speed, and altitude control in flight mechanics, offering essential insights into drag, thrust, and propulsive balance....

Fundamentals of Flight mechanics


Fundamentals of Flight mechanics is a comprehensive exploration of airplane physics, from lift and drag to propulsion. Learn how to apply Newton's laws to understand...

Introdução ao Inkscape

Coursera Project Network

Introdução ao Inkscape é um projeto guiado que ensina a criar e editar imagens vetoriais, desenhar formas geométricas, alinhar objetos e escolher estilos de...

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Rice University

This specialization offers a comprehensive foundation in electromagnetism and circuits, preparing learners for introductory physics courses and more advanced studies....

Introduction to Mechanics

Rice University

Introduction to Mechanics provides a solid foundation in mechanics, covering motion, forces, energy, momentum, rotational motion, and gravitation, preparing learners...