D'un infini à l'autre

École Polytechnique

Embark on a captivating journey through the realms of the infinitesimally small and the infinitely vast with the course "D'un infini à l'autre." Delve into the profound connections between the structure of matter at minuscule distances and the organization of the universe at colossal scales, guided by esteemed physicists. Gain insight into how scientific tools are harnessed to study these phenomena, and grasp the significance of various messengers from our universe, such as photons, neutrinos, and cosmic rays, which captivate physicists investigating matter at the tiniest scales.

Uncover the enthralling narrative of the universe's evolution, including the formation of matter and the enigmatic disappearance of antimatter, offering a deeper comprehension of both infinities. This course, presented in French, is part of the MOOC "Voyages de l'infiniment grand à l'infiniment petit," devised by physicists from the Labex P2IO (Physique des 2 Infinis et des Origines, IPP, and Université Paris-Saclay). Throughout the diverse pathways of this MOOC, you will explore the knowledge and mysteries of the infinitesimally large and small, the interconnections between these two infinities, and the societal implications of these discoveries.

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D'un infini à l'autre
Course Modules

Explore the course's modules, from fundamental concepts to cosmic messengers, particle physics, and the harmonious comprehension of both infinities.

Les notions de base

Delve into fundamental concepts that reveal the striking similarities between the two infinities. Gain insights into the pivotal role of light as a tool for understanding both infinities. Solidify your understanding of crucial foundational notions.

Des messagers de l'infiniment petit venus du cosmos

Embark on an exploration of cosmic messengers from the infinitesimally small, including neutrinos, cosmic rays, and the formation of atomic nuclei. Grasp the significance of these messengers in the context of the universe and their impact on matter at the smallest scales.

Les particules élémentaires et l'évolution de l'Univers

Uncover the profound connections between elementary particles and the evolution of the universe. Explore the role of matter in the primordial universe, the enigma of antimatter, and the enigmatic nature of dark matter, offering crucial insights into the universe's evolution.

Comprendre les deux infinis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the harmonious relationship between the two infinities. Explore the community of ideas that underpin both infinities and the interconnectedness of tools used to comprehend them, fostering a holistic comprehension of both infinities.

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