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Construção da Identidade de Líder

Fundação Instituto de Administração

Construção da Identidade de Líder oferece insights valiosos sobre as demandas contemporâneas de liderança e a evolução do conceito de líder e gestor. Aprimore...

Construction Management

Columbia University

Construction Management is a comprehensive 5-course specialization designed for professionals in the construction and civil engineering industry. Gain skills in...

Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change

Case Western Reserve University

Coaching for Learning, Leadership, and Change equips learners with the knowledge and skills to inspire and motivate others through compassionate coaching.

Create a custom workflow in Wrike

Coursera Project Network

Create a custom workflow in Wrike

Create a Project Charter with Google Docs

Coursera Project Network

Create a Project Charter with Google Docs in this guided project. Learn to design, develop, and present a comprehensive Project Charter for your project's success....

Create Customer Support Data with Google Sheets

Coursera Project Network

Create Customer Support Data with Google Sheets: Learn to transform raw customer support data into a valuable business overview in under 2 hours.

Create Informative Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Coursera Project Network

Create Informative Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint: Learn to create engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations, adding content, visuals, and transitions...

Create Stakeholder Management Documents in LibreOffice

Coursera Project Network

Learn to create stakeholder management documents in LibreOffice and gain essential skills for identifying, prioritizing, and engaging stakeholders in project success....

Create Training Videos with Powtoon

Coursera Project Network

Create Training Videos with Powtoon Learn to design engaging animated presentations using Powtoon. Enhance audience engagement and improve your video design skills....

Creating Innovation

Macquarie University

Creating Innovation is a comprehensive course that delves into the core of innovation, human creativity, global networks, planned innovation, market innovation,...

Creating Tasks and Goals for a Project in ClickUp

Coursera Project Network

Create a ClickUp space, generate customized tasks, and set goals to monitor project progression. Share your workspace to effectively communicate and delegate tasks...

Creativity And Entrepreneurship


Discover the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship in this course and learn to apply the principles of creativity to business innovation and career development....

Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen

Macquarie University

This course equips managers with the cultural intelligence needed to navigate diverse work environments and achieve organizational goals in our globalized world....

Customer Centricity with Professor Jagdish Sheth

University System of Georgia

Customer Centricity with Professor Jagdish Sheth is a master class in implementing customer-centric practices into your business, offering proven strategies and...

Cybersecurity Leadership and Management


This Specialization in Cybersecurity Leadership and Management equips learners with essential competencies and knowledge to administer a cybersecurity division successfully,...

Data Analytics in Sports Law and Management

The State University of New York

This course explores the intersection of data analytics, sports law, and management, equipping learners with the skills to navigate the complex regulatory and managerial...

Data-Driven Leadership Skills

University of Glasgow

Data-Driven Leadership Skills equips learners to critically evaluate traditional leadership models, analyze data's role in decision-making, and assess leadership...

Data-Driven Leadership Skills Course 1: Leadership Narrative

University of Glasgow

This course delves into the theme of 'Authenticity' in leadership, examining the historical context of leadership theory and its evolution into a data-driven approach....