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Strengthen your leadership skills with leadership and management courses. These courses teach you about team dynamics, decision-making, and strategic planning. A leadership and management course is your ticket to climbing the corporate ladder.

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Build a Profile for a Dream Job with Indeed

Coursera Project Network

Build a Profile for a Dream Job with Indeed is a comprehensive course that guides you through setting up and navigating, creating a personalized profile,...

Business Analytics Executive Overview

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Business Analytics Executive Overview provides a comprehensive exploration of analytics concepts, technologies, and industry applications. Participants will gain...

Business for Good: Fundamentals of Corporate Responsibility

London Business School

Business for Good: Fundamentals of Corporate Responsibility is a course that explores sustainable growth opportunities for businesses, focusing on achieving positive...

Business Model Canvas

Coursera Project Network

Learn to create a Business Model Canvas to refine your startup strategy. Identify value proposition, customers, and revenue streams in under 2 hours.

Business Process Modelling


Business Process Modelling teaches capturing and optimizing business processes, selecting suitable modeling notations, and adapting models for different audiences....

Business Strategies for A Better World

University of Pennsylvania

Business Strategies for A Better World provides the skills and knowledge to create impactful and sustainable social change through evidence-based business strategies....

Business Value and Project Management

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This course equips learners with essential knowledge in financial accounting, organizational design, and project management, providing a comprehensive understanding...

Capstone: Creating A Sustainability Proposal

University of Colorado System

Capstone: Creating A Sustainability Proposal provides a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to apply sustainability concepts and tools to develop proposals for...

CAPSTONE: Your Leadership Challenge

HEC Paris

Welcome to the capstone project course in the Coursera Inspirational Leadership Specialization! Over 6 weeks, you'll tackle a real-world leadership challenge, applying...

Çevik Proje Yönetimi


Çevik Proje Yönetimi kursu, Google Proje Yönetimi Sertifika Programı'nın beşinci dersidir ve Çevik Proje Yönetimi'nin temellerini, Scrum'a girişi, Scrum...

Client Booking & Scheduling with Picktime

Coursera Project Network

Develop a streamlined, user-friendly scheduling tool with Picktime to manage client appointments and enhance business operations in under 2 hours.

Coaching Skills for Managers

University of California, Davis

Coaching Skills for Managers equips you with the essential techniques to coach and lead teams to improved performance, offering valuable insights and tools for effective...

Coding for Designers, Managers, and Entrepreneurs

University of Virginia

Coding for Designers, Managers, and Entrepreneurs provides hands-on coding experience for non-technical professionals, empowering them to build working software...

Cognitive and Experiential Diversity

IE Business School

Dive into the exploration of cognitive and experiential diversity in the "Cognitive and Experiential Diversity" course, driving innovation and organization...

Communicating with Presence

IESE Business School

Communicating with Presence is a premium course designed to enhance soft skills and master the art of communication. Learn from experienced professionals and academics...

Communication Skills for Engineers

Rice University

Communication Skills for Engineers equips you with crucial communication strategies and techniques to become a proficient engineering leader.

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

University of Toronto

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age offers practical tools to improve communication in the digital era. Learn to engage in impactful presentations, refine...

Conflict Management

University of California, Irvine

Conflict Management equips you with skills to resolve conflicts constructively, emphasizing intercultural communication and conflict resolution. The course culminates...