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Strengthen your leadership skills with leadership and management courses. These courses teach you about team dynamics, decision-making, and strategic planning. A leadership and management course is your ticket to climbing the corporate ladder.

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The Discipline of Leadership

The University of Notre Dame

The Discipline of Leadership course provides a comprehensive exploration of leader emergence, effectiveness, and common leadership situations, aiming to equip learners...

The Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Boards and the Governance Process

The State University of New York

This course explores the factors influencing the effectiveness of boards in nonprofit organizations and how they impact governance. Participants gain insights into...

The Journey to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

IE Business School

Embark on a transformative journey through the world of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, gaining essential knowledge and skills to create thriving, inclusive...

The Persuasive Leader

Johns Hopkins University

The Persuasive Leader course equips post-baccalaureate students with agile and persuasive leadership skills. It delves into the nature and benefits of persuasive...

The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know

University of Michigan

This course delves into the science of success, offering practical strategies to achieve career success, better results at work and school, and a meaningful, happy,...

Tools and Techniques for Managing Stress


This course equips you with proven tools and techniques to effectively manage and cope with stress in personal and professional domains.

Trabaja inteligentemente, no más duro: Gestión del tiempo para la productividad personal y profesional

University of California, Irvine

Trabaja inteligentemente, no más duro: Gestión del tiempo para la productividad personal y profesional

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

University of Western Australia

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion is a comprehensive course that delves into the complexities of diversity from global, individual, and organizational perspectives....

Use Automation in Trello

Coursera Project Network

Use Automation in Trello is a hands-on course that teaches you how to set up rules and automations without coding, saving time and streamlining your project management...

Use Basecamp for Project Management

Coursera Project Network

Use Basecamp for Project Management In this course, you will create a Basecamp Personal account and explore four key features of the platform, enabling you to manage...

Use RACI charts for work management with Asana

Coursera Project Network

Learn to use RACI charts in Asana for effective work management in this guided project.

Value Chain Management Capstone

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Value Chain Management Capstone offers a comprehensive analysis of how accounting, marketing, and operations integrate to create a value chain. Enhance value creation...

Valuing Excellence

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)

Valuing Excellence is a beginner's course for team leaders that explores the impact of team culture on success and provides strategies to empower and engage teams....

Verbinde Tools in Slack miteinander

Coursera Project Network

Verbinde Tools in Slack miteinander, um Arbeitsabläufe zu optimieren und effektive Kommunikation im Team zu gewährleisten.

Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker

Macquarie University

This course explores visionary leadership, identity, and motivation, focusing on creating meaning and driving positive change within organizations.

Work with Components in Figma

Coursera Project Network

Work with Components in Figma is a comprehensive tutorial covering the creation and manipulation of components, including master components, instances, and variants...

Working as a Scrum Master

SkillUp EdTech

Working as a Scrum Master equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in Agile project management. Gain hands-on experience and prepare for Scrum...

Your World and What Shapes It

University of Colorado Boulder

Thriving organizations prioritize equity and inclusivity. Explore global and country-specific dynamics shaping DEI. Enhance cultural competence and support marginalized...