Free Online Health Informatics Courses

Explore the intersection of healthcare and technology with health informatics courses. Learn how to manage healthcare data, implement EHR systems, and make data-driven decisions. A health informatics course will set you up for a career in this fast-growing field.

27 Health Informatics Courses

Nursing Informatics Leadership

University of Minnesota

Nurses and interprofessional healthcare clinicians and educators will learn principles of informatics leadership in clinical and academic settings, and apply their...

Plant Bioinformatics

University of Toronto

The past 15 years have been exciting ones in plant biology. Hundreds of plant genomes have been sequenced, RNA-seq has enabled transcriptome-wide expression profiling,...

Predictive Modeling and Transforming Clinical Practice

University of Colorado System

This course teaches you the fundamentals of transforming clinical practice using predictive models. This course examines specific challenges and methods of clinical...

Qualitative Data Analysis with MAXQDA Software

Emory University

This course will introduce you to MAXQDA software for easier data analysis during the qualitative research process. You'll explore how to do memos, variables, segmentation,...

Social Determinants of Health: Data to Action

University of Minnesota

This five course specialization explores dimensions of applied knowledge related to the social determinants of health. This specialization will utilize the Data-to-Action...

Social Determinants of Health: Vulnerable Populations

University of Minnesota

This second of five courses focuses on how social determinants of health affects vulnerable populations. Focusing on four groups of vulnerable populations, students...

The Critical Role of IT Support Staff in Healthcare

Johns Hopkins University

This is a very exciting time to be exploring a career in Health IT Support! In this introductory course, you’ll learn about various roles in IT support that are...

Trustworthy AI for Healthcare Management

Politecnico di Milano

This MOOC gives an introduction to trustworthy artificial intelligence and its application in healthcare. This includes modules on basics of artificial intelligence...

Using clinical health data for better healthcare

The University of Sydney

Digital health is rapidly being realised as the future of healthcare. While this is placing emphasis on the input of quality health data in digital records and systems,...