Plant Bioinformatics

University of Toronto

Explore the exciting advancements in plant biology over the past 15 years with the Plant Bioinformatics course. Delve into hundreds of plant genomes, transcriptome-wide expression profiling, protein-DNA interactions, and high-throughput data analysis.

Through six hands-on modules, learn to leverage tools like genomic databases, expression analysis, coexpression tools, promoter analysis, functional classification, and network exploration to generate hypotheses and gain insights into plant biology. Each module provides a combination of theory and practical application, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of plant bioinformatics.

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Plant Bioinformatics
Course Modules

Plant Bioinformatics offers six hands-on modules covering genomic databases, expression analysis, coexpression tools, promoter analysis, functional classification, and network exploration in plant biology, providing comprehensive insights into the latest advancements.

Plant Genomic Databases, and useful sites for info about proteins

Plant Genomic Databases and Tools for Exploring Protein Information: This module introduces genomic databases and tools for exploring protein information. Dive into hands-on labs to gain practical experience in utilizing these resources for plant biology research.

Expression Analysis

Expression Analysis: Explore the intricacies of expression analysis in plant biology. Gain insights into the tools and techniques for analyzing gene expression data, with a focus on hands-on application in the lab environment.

Coexpression Tools

Coexpression Tools: Delve into coexpression tools and their significance in plant biology research. Understand the application of these tools in identifying and analyzing coexpressed genes, laying the foundation for advanced biological insights.

Sectional Quiz 1

Sectional Quiz 1: Test your knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in the initial modules through a comprehensive sectional quiz.

Promoter Analysis

Promoter Analysis: Gain expertise in promoter analysis and its role in understanding gene regulation in plants. Explore hands-on techniques to analyze and interpret promoter sequences for biological insights.

Functional Classification and Pathway Vizualization

Functional Classification and Pathway Visualization: Understand the importance of functional classification and pathway visualization in plant biology. Utilize advanced tools to gain insights into biological processes and pathways perturbed in specific mutants.

Network Exploration (PPIs, PDIs, GRNs)

Network Exploration (PPIs, PDIs, GRNs): Delve into network exploration and its relevance in studying protein-protein interactions, protein-DNA interactions, and gene regulatory networks. Gain practical experience in navigating and interpreting complex biological networks.

Sectional Quiz 2 and Final Assignment

Sectional Quiz 2 and Final Assignment: Test your comprehensive understanding of the course material through a sectional quiz and a final assignment, consolidating your knowledge and skills in plant bioinformatics.

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