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Dive into governance and society courses to understand the intricate workings of governments, NGOs, and social institutions. A governance and society course offers valuable insights into political science, public policy, and social justice.

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A starter’s guide to Open Science

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Welcome to the Erasmus University Rotterdam Open Science MOOC, a comprehensive course covering the fundamental principles and practices of open science, empowering...

After the Arab Spring – Democratic Aspirations and State Failure

University of Copenhagen

Discover the reasons behind the Arab Spring's failure and the subsequent crisis in Arab states, as well as the impact on governance, institutions, economics, human...

American Politics, Foreign Policy, and US-India Ties

O.P. Jindal Global University

American Politics, Foreign Policy, and US-India Ties - Gain insights into American politics, foreign policy, and the significant bilateral relationship between the...

Animals and Society

University of Colorado Boulder

Animals and Society course explores the complex relationship between humans and animals, delving into their roles and statuses in society and the ethical implications....


University of Colorado Boulder

Anti-Racism is a three-course specialization that equips learners with the knowledge and skills to engage in conversations about race, racism, and anti-racism.

Anti-Racism I

University of Colorado Boulder

Anti-Racism I introduces essential concepts of race and racism in the US, teaching intersectional terminology, systemic and institutional racism, and the difference...

Anti-Racism II

University of Colorado Boulder

Anti-Racism II is an intermediate course focused on race, racism, and strategies to be an anti-racist. It includes historical foundations, linguistic constructions,...

Arts and Culture Strategy

University of Pennsylvania

Arts and Culture Strategy is a dynamic course for leaders seeking to create sustainable organizations that deliver real social value in a competitive landscape....

Being Smart about Cycling Futures

University of Amsterdam

Being Smart about Cycling Futures is a unique course that explores the future of cycling in urban environments. It encourages critical thinking and offers insights...

Chinese Politics Part 1 – China and Political Science

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This course delves into the complexities of Chinese politics, exploring the intersection of politics and economics. It assesses China's political system, elite politics,...

Classical Sociological Theory

University of Amsterdam

Classical Sociological Theory is a comprehensive exploration of influential sociological thinkers from the 18th to 20th century, offering insights into their theories,...

Co-design for All: doing co-design in practice

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Co-design for All course teaches how to create case study proposals using a co-design approach, aimed at anyone interested in applying co-design methods to real-life...

Comparative Political Systems

Università di Napoli Federico II

This course delves into the intricacies of comparative political systems, exploring the theory of coalitions, electoral rules, party systems, and the dynamics of...

Con gafas violeta: igualdad de género en la escuela

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Con gafas violeta: igualdad de género en la escuela Enroll in this course to gain a foundational understanding of gender equality, promoting diversity and better...

Contemporary India

The University of Melbourne

Contemporary India explores the multifaceted changes and challenges faced by modern India since gaining independence in 1947. From political democracy to gender...

Cultural impact of housing displacement gentrification

University of Glasgow

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of gentrification and its cultural impacts on housing displacement. Students will gain insights into the social and...

Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructures

University of Colorado System

Explore the cybersecurity policies for aviation and internet infrastructures, essential for the protection of lifeline infrastructures. Gain insights into the Transportation...

Data Analytics in the Public Sector with R

University of Michigan

Data Analytics in the Public Sector with R equips public sector professionals with essential R programming skills to analyze, interpret, and visualize data for informed...