Animals and Society

University of Colorado Boulder

Animals and Society examines the intricate connections between humans and animals, addressing their impact on various aspects of social life. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the course delves into the shifting roles and statuses of animals, emphasizing their social, cultural, and ethical consequences.

  • Explore the multifaceted significance of animals in human existence
  • Analyze the social and ethical implications of human-animal relationships
  • Examine the evolving status and perception of animals in contemporary society
  • Investigate the influence of animals on social issues and boundaries between humans and animals

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Animals and Society
Course Modules

Animals and Society course modules delve into the multifaceted roles and perceptions of animals in society, covering topics such as human-animal relationships, animal institutions, and changing status and perception of animals.

Animals, Self, and Society

Module 1 - Animals, Self, and Society

  • Explore the symbolic and metaphorical roles of animals in the media
  • Examine the practices and interactions shaping human-animal relationships
  • Identify factors leading to animal abuse and instances of human-wildlife conflict

Animals and Institutions

Module 2 - Animals and Institutions

  • Describe the status of animals in research and modern industrial livestock production
  • Investigate the roles of zoos in modern societies and dilemmas faced by veterinarians and animal shelter workers

The Changing Status and Perception of Animals

Module 3 - The Changing Status and Perception of Animals

  • Examine the core self found in dogs and cats and research on emotions in animals challenging anthropocentrism
  • Discuss the distinctions between animal welfare and animal rights positions
  • Evaluate the influence of animals on human health and well-being
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