Comparative Political Systems

Università di Napoli Federico II

Comparative Political Systems offers a comprehensive exploration of the comparative method, historical and institutional approaches, and government formation processes. Delving into the theory of coalitions, electoral rules, and the dynamics of democratic regimes, this course provides in-depth analyses of parliamentary, presidential, and semi-presidential regimes. It evaluates the quality of different democratic regimes and proposes potential changes to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Gain insights into concept formation and historical and institutional approaches
  • Explore the theory of coalitions and the processes of government formation, functioning, and termination
  • Analyze the impact of electoral rules on citizen behavior, parties, and the party system
  • Examine the types of parliaments, their structures, and their role in governing coalitions
  • Evaluate the assets and liabilities of different institutional arrangements

This course equips learners with a deep understanding of the diverse institutional solutions to the challenges faced by contemporary democracies, fostering critical thinking and informed analysis of political systems and processes.

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Comparative Political Systems
Course Modules

This course comprises modules that delve into the foundations of comparative politics, political regimes, party systems and electoral systems, and the nuances of autocracy and democracy, providing a comprehensive understanding of political systems and processes.

Introduction to comparative politics

The Introduction to comparative politics module delves into the comparative method, research methods, political systems, and the dynamics of political communities. It emphasizes concept formation and historical and institutional approaches, fostering a solid foundation for understanding diverse political systems and their transformations.

Political regimes

The Political regimes module explores parliamentary, presidential, and semi-presidential regimes, analyzing their types, government structures, and the diffusion of presidentialism. It also delves into the dynamics of divided governments and cohabitation, providing a comprehensive understanding of different political regimes and their implications.

Party Systems and Electoral Systems

The Party Systems and Electoral Systems module classifies party systems, electoral systems, and their consequences, shedding light on the dynamics of party systems, Duverger’s "laws," and majoritarian and proportional electoral systems. It equips learners with a deep understanding of the power of voters and the impact of electoral systems on political dynamics.

Autocracy and Democracy

The Autocracy and Democracy module delves into authoritarian regimes, democratization waves, democratic consolidation, and the types of democracy. It also explores the future of democracy, majoritarian and consensus democracies, and the impact of globalization, fostering a comprehensive understanding of autocratic and democratic regimes.

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