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Make a difference in communities worldwide through public health courses. Learn about epidemiology, health policy, and preventive measures. Taking a public health course equips you to work in healthcare policy and community health.

90 Public Health Courses

Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice

Johns Hopkins University

This course delves into the critical role of epidemiology in public health, emphasizing problem-solving methodology, data sources, disease burden measures, and health...

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials

Johns Hopkins University

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials equips learners with essential skills to design and implement clinical trials while ensuring bias control, randomization, ethical...

Digital Health

Imperial College London

Digital Health is a multidisciplinary specialisation introducing learners to the role and application of digital health technologies, addressing real-world public...

Engineering Life: Synbio, Bioethics & Public Policy

Johns Hopkins University

Engineering Life: Synbio, Bioethics & Public Policy is a comprehensive course covering ethical and governance challenges in synthetic biology. Learners will...


The University of Hong Kong

Epidemics is an in-depth course that delves into the origins, spread, and control of infectious disease epidemics, as well as the importance of effective communication...

Epidemiology for Public Health

Imperial College London

Epidemiology for Public Health equips learners with skills to interpret epidemiological research, consider its limitations, and design their own studies.

Epidemiology in Public Health Practice

Johns Hopkins University

Epidemiology in Public Health Practice equips students with essential tools to measure population health, analyze data, and investigate outbreaks. It is ideal for...

ERPO: A Civil Approach to Gun Violence Prevention Teach-Out

Johns Hopkins University

This Teach-Out offers a comprehensive exploration of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) as a civil approach to preventing gun violence. Join experts to understand...

Evaluating Large-Scale Health Programs

Johns Hopkins University

Evaluating Large-Scale Health Programs equips learners with skills to plan and implement effectiveness evaluations, focusing on low- and middle-income countries....

Evaluation of Digital Health Interventions

Imperial College London

This course focuses on data, evaluation methods, and economic evaluation of digital health interventions, emphasizing experimental and quasi-experimental design...

Foundational Skills for Communicating About Health

University of Michigan

Effective communication skills are crucial in the health field. This course equips learners with essential communication strategies for engaging diverse audiences...

Foundations of Global Health

Johns Hopkins University

Foundations of Global Health equips learners with vital skills for effective global health programming in various settings, focusing on health systems, humanitarian...

Foundations of Public Health Practice

Imperial College London

Foundations of Public Health Practice equips learners with the skills to tackle public health challenges, use behaviour change theory, and assess health protection...

Fundamentals for Implementing a Hypertension Program

Johns Hopkins University

Fundamentals for Implementing a Hypertension Program equips learners with essential knowledge and skills for managing hypertension programs in diverse healthcare...

Global Disease Masterclass

Imperial College London

The Global Disease Masterclass specialisation equips students with a broad understanding of major global health issues and an in-depth knowledge of infectious and...

Global Disease Masterclass: Non-communicable Diseases

Imperial College London

This masterclass covers the aetiology, epidemiology, and interventions for non-communicable diseases. Gain insights into colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease,...

Global Health Challenges and Governance

Imperial College London

Global Health Challenges and Governance addresses key concepts of global health, globalisation, and governance. It equips learners to understand and advocate for...

Global Health Innovations

Imperial College London

This specialisation explores global health challenges and innovative solutions. It equips learners with the knowledge and skills to navigate the innovation journey,...