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Physical science and engineering courses span topics like physics, electrical engineering, and materials science. A physical science and engineering course provides theoretical and practical knowledge essential for a career in the field.

292 Physical Science and Engineering Courses

Energy management for real estate. Methods and digital tools

Politecnico di Milano

Energy management for real estate. Methods and digital tools course offers insights into the role of an Energy Manager, energy framework, building energy audit,...

Energy Production, Distribution & Safety

The State University of New York

Energy Production, Distribution & Safety provides foundational knowledge for a career in the energy industry, covering electric power systems, natural gas, safety...

Energy, Environment, and Everyday Life

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Energy, Environment, and Everyday Life is a comprehensive course covering energy sources, environmental impact, and everyday applications. It offers engaging multimedia...

Engineering and Product Design Processes

Arizona State University

Welcome to “Engineering and Product Design Processes!” This short course will familiarize you with the steps, goals, and differences between engineering and...

Engineering of Structures: Tension

Dartmouth College

This course focuses on understanding tension in building structures, exploring its role in sustaining forces, and studying the design of cable-stayed bridges and...

Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Particles and Bodies in 2D Motion

Georgia Institute of Technology

This course provides an introduction to the dynamics of particles and bodies in 2D motion as applied to engineering systems and structures.

Enseignes et afficheurs à LED

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

This course delves into LED signs and displays, covering construction, programming, and electronic concepts. Explore LED technology, microcontrollers, and practical...

Environmental Science

Dartmouth College

Environmental Science is a comprehensive exploration of the field, delving into topics such as biodiversity, global cycles, and the human impact on the environment....

Evaluación de peligros y riesgos por fenómenos naturales

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

This course equips learners to understand and mitigate the impact of natural disasters on communities, covering geological and hydro-meteorological hazards, risk...

Exploring fluid mechanics using Wolfram notebook

Coursera Project Network

Explore fluid mechanics using Wolfram notebook to compute pressure, buoyancy, fluid flow, Venturi flowmeter, and barometric pressure.

Exploring Our Responses to Climate Change

University of Colorado Boulder

This course empowers learners to understand and address climate change impacts, policies, and solutions effectively.

Extinctions: Past, Present, & Future

Emory University

This course delves into the history of mass extinctions, their causes, and impact on life on Earth. It also explores the current mass extinction and how to predict...

Fabrication additive : l'impression 3D dans l'industrie

Institut Mines-Télécom

Fabrication additive: l'impression 3D dans l'industrie offers comprehensive insights into additive manufacturing technologies and their industrial applications.

FEM - Linear, Nonlinear Analysis & Post-Processing

Coursera Project Network

Learn about FEM and perform linear & nonlinear static analysis using SimScale. Gain hands-on experience in cloud-based simulation technology.

Ferrous Technology I

Pohang University of Science and Technology

Steel, a versatile and essential material, is explored in Ferrous Technology I, delving into its properties, production processes, and applications in a comprehensive...

Ferrous Technology II

Pohang University of Science and Technology

Ferrous Technology II delves into the complexities of steel, exploring fundamental and technical aspects such as iron and steelmaking, microstructure, phase transformation,...

Flight Mechanics - Anemobarometry


Flight Mechanics - Anemobarometry offers a comprehensive understanding of the physics of the atmosphere and its impact on speed and altitude measurements, equipping...

Flight mechanics - Lift and trajectory


This course on flight mechanics explores lift and trajectory control, emphasizing the impact of angle of attack and speed on lift generation, as well as the hazards...