Free Online Basic Science Courses

Immerse yourself in basic science courses to build a strong foundation in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Enrolling in a basic science course will help you grasp the core principles and theories that govern the natural world.

58 Basic Science Courses

Translational Science

University of Michigan

This course provides an introduction to translational science and its applications in improving patient and community health, covering the four stages of translational...

Understanding Plants - Part I: What a Plant Knows

Tel Aviv University

Understanding Plants - Part I: What a Plant Knows is an intriguing exploration of plant biology, senses, and consciousness, drawing parallels with human experiences....

Women in environmental biology

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

This course explores the relationship between humans and the environment from a gender perspective, highlighting the contributions of women in environmental biology...

抗菌药与超级细菌 --天使与魔鬼的博弈

Fudan University

This course explores the battle between antibiotics and superbugs, offering insights into the historical discovery, classification, and misuse of antibiotics. Join...