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Social sciences courses delve into the study of human behavior and society. A social sciences course covers subjects like psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Gain insights into societal issues and learn to address them effectively.

241 Social Sciences Courses

What future for education?

University of London

What future for education? This course invites critical examination of education, teaching, and learning to develop a personal response to the preferred future for...

¿Cómo ser feliz? Familia, Economía y Políticas Públicas

Universidad de Palermo

Uncover the facets of happiness through this specialized program, delving into the realms of family, economics, and public policies to understand its multifaceted...

إدارة الفعاليات | Events Management

Alfaisal University | KLD

Events Management is a comprehensive course covering event organization, marketing, financial management, and evaluation techniques. Learn the fundamentals and practical...

الثقافة المالية | Financial Literacy

Alfaisal University | KLD

Financial Literacy is essential for personal and professional success. This course provides foundational knowledge and practical skills to manage finances effectively....


Peking University

家庭社会学导论 explores the profound dynamics of family life, encompassing its structure, function, and evolution. Gain insight into societal implications...

經濟學概論:誘因與市場(Introduction to Economics: Incentive and Markets)

National Taiwan University

Introduction to Economics: Incentive and Markets provides fundamental insights into economics, fostering economic intuition and analytical skills. Real-life examples...

论文写作初阶(Academic Writing and Research)

Peking University

This course introduces academic writing and research methods for undergraduate and graduate students, focusing on topic selection, academic resources, and paper...