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Protect digital landscapes with security courses that focus on cybersecurity, network protection, and data encryption. Enrolling in a security course will prepare you for roles in IT security and cyber defense.

95 Security Courses

Security Analyst Fundamentals


This course equips you with the essential skills needed to become a successful cybersecurity analyst, covering digital forensics, incident response, penetration...

Security Awareness Training


Security Awareness Training provides comprehensive foundational security awareness training covering a wide array of topics for nearly every type of end-user and...

Security in Google Cloud

Google Cloud

This self-paced Google Cloud specialization equips participants with comprehensive knowledge of security controls and best practices, preparing them to mitigate...

Security in Google Cloud en Français

Google Cloud

Grâce à des conférences enregistrées, des démonstrations et des ateliers pratiques, les participants explorent et déploient les composants d'une solution Google...

Security in Google Cloud 日本語版

Google Cloud

This course provides an in-depth exploration of security solutions in Google Cloud, addressing topics such as identity management, access control, and vulnerability...

SIEM Splunk Hands-On Guide


Delve into Security Information and Event Management with Splunk in this 10-week course. Gain hands-on experience in data analysis, incident response, and real-time...

SOAR for Enterprise Security


SOAR for Enterprise Security provides novice learners with a deep understanding of security, orchestration, automation, and response for enterprise security.

Splunk Knowledge Manager

Splunk Inc.

The Splunk Knowledge Manager course equips learners with the skills to create and manage knowledge objects, interpret data, and build dashboards for enhanced data...

Splunk Knowledge Manager 102

Splunk Inc.

Splunk Knowledge Manager 102 provides comprehensive training on field extractions, lookups, data models, and search optimization techniques for improved data analysis...

Splunk Search Expert

Splunk Inc.

Become a Splunk Search Expert and master the art of writing efficient searches, performing correlations, creating visualizations, and leveraging subsearches and...

Splunk Search Expert 101

Splunk Inc.

Splunk Search Expert 101 provides a comprehensive overview of machine data, covering Splunk components, search processing language, field utilization, report scheduling,...

Splunk Search Expert 102

Splunk Inc.

Enhance your Splunk skills with the Splunk Search Expert 102 course, which delves into advanced time-based data processing and manipulation techniques.

Systems and Application Security


Systems and Application Security Course provides a comprehensive understanding of malicious code, endpoint device security, cloud security, and big data systems....

The Cybersecurity Culture Blueprint: A Proactive Approach


The Cybersecurity Culture Blueprint: A Proactive Approach empowers professionals to foster a resilient cybersecurity culture, emphasizing the human element, training,...

Threat Analysis

Cisco Learning and Certifications

Threat Analysis course provides comprehensive training in incident analysis, attack vectors, identifying malicious activity, and patterns of suspicious behavior...

Threat Investigation

Cisco Learning and Certifications

Threat Investigation course provides associate-level cybersecurity analysts with the skills to identify and investigate new and emerging cyber threats.

Tools for Security Specialists


Tools for Security Specialists provides a comprehensive understanding of security strategies from large organizations down to Linux systems.

Understanding ISO Security Standards for Your Organization


This course provides an introduction to ISO and IEC security standards, focusing on the 27000 series and risk management with ISO 31000. Learners will acquire a...