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Protect digital landscapes with security courses that focus on cybersecurity, network protection, and data encryption. Enrolling in a security course will prepare you for roles in IT security and cyber defense.

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Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Fundamentals

Palo Alto Networks

In this Security Operations Fundamentals course you will gain an understanding of Security Pperations (SecOps) and the role it plays in protecting our digital way...

Personnel & Third-Party Security

University of California, Irvine

In this course, you will learn all about the process of implementing effective education, training, and awareness programs. You will also study the role personnel...

Planning, Auditing and Maintaining Enterprise Systems

University of Colorado System

Good system management not only requires managing the systems themselves, but requires careful planning to make systems interact with each other, auditing of the...

Privacy Fundamentals


The Privacy Fundamentals course introduces students to fundamental privacy concepts, frameworks and laws.\n\nThis specialization provides students with a foundational...

Proactive Computer Security

University of Colorado System

I’ve heard this before – “I’m not sure my computer security practices are working”. I reply “Have you tested them?” This course is the fourth and final...

Python for Command-and-control, Exfiltration and Impact


This course covers python for Command-and-control, Exfiltration and Impact.

Python for Cybersecurity


Python is one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages in the world due to its high usability and large collection of libraries. This learning path...

Sécurité des TI : Défense contre les pratiques sombres du numérique


Ce cours couvre une grande variété de concepts, d’outils et de meilleures pratiques en matière de sécurité informatique. Il présente les menaces et les attaques...

Security Analyst Fundamentals


There are a growing number of exciting, well-paying jobs in today’s security industry that do not require a traditional college degree. Forbes estimates that there...

Security Awareness Training


The security of an organization is of the utmost importance and every member of the organization's staff plays a vital role in defending against cyber threats. One...

Security in Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy the components of a secure Google Cloud solution, including Cloud Identity,...

Security in Google Cloud en Français

Google Cloud

Grâce à des conférences enregistrées, des démonstrations et des ateliers pratiques, les participants explorent et déploient les composants d'une solution Google...

Security in Google Cloud 日本語版

Google Cloud

参加者は、記録された講義、デモンストレーション、ハンズオンラボを通じて、Cloud Identity、GCP Resource Manager、Cloud IAM、Google...

Splunk Knowledge Manager

Splunk Inc.

By completing the Splunk Knowledge Manager 101, 102 & 103, you will be able to create knowledge objects including lookups, data models, and different types of...

Splunk Knowledge Manager 102

Splunk Inc.

In this course, you will learn how fields are extracted and how to create regex and delimited field extractions. You will upload and define lookups, create automatic...

Splunk Search Expert

Splunk Inc.

By completing Search Expert 101, 102 & 103, you will be able to write efficient searches, perform correlations, create visualizations, and leverage subsearches...

Splunk Search Expert 101

Splunk Inc.

This course helps you understand the basics of machine data. You will learn about Splunk components, its basic functions, and be introduced to apps, which becomes...

Splunk Search Expert 102

Splunk Inc.

Take the next step in your knowledge of Splunk. In this course, you will learn how to use time differently based on scenarios, learn commands to help process, manipulate...