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Blues Guitar

Berklee College of Music

Take your guitar skills to the next level with this free Blues Guitar course from the Berklee College of Music.

Funk/Rock and R & B Guitar

Berklee College of Music

Listen, learn, and groove like the great Funk and R&B artists, from Parliament to Sly and the Family Stone. This course covers the finer points of mastering...

Music Production Analysis with Steven Webber

Berklee College of Music

Learn from others' experience as you go through the step-by-step approach of the essential elements of making a great recording. While music may change, the basic...

The Unanswered Question 1973 - Leonard Bernstein’s Masterful Lectures on Music

Harvard University

In 1972, the composer Leonard Bernstein returned to Harvard, his alma mater, to serve as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry, with "Poetry" being...