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Unveil the magic behind algorithms with machine learning courses. A machine learning course will teach you about supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, and more. This is your first step towards a career in AI.

241 Machine Learning Courses

Graduate Admission Prediction with Pyspark ML

Coursera Project Network

Learn to build a linear regression model using Pyspark ML to predict graduate admission chances in a 1-hour guided project.

Guided Tour of Machine Learning in Finance

New York University

This course provides an introductory overview of machine learning in finance, focusing on practical applications. It is designed for practitioners, individuals interested...

Haciendo modelos con ML.NET

Coursera Project Network

Learn to develop a Machine Learning model using ML.NET and simplify application and model creation with ML.NET Model Builder in just 1 hour.

Handling Imbalanced Data Classification Problems

Coursera Project Network

In this course, you'll learn to handle imbalanced data classification problems, including selecting the best evaluation metric, using data resampling techniques,...

Hands-on Foundations for Data Science and Machine Learning with Google Cloud Labs

Google Cloud

Hands-on training in BigQuery and Cloud Data Fusion for data analysis and machine learning on Google Cloud's Qwiklab platform.

Hands-on Machine Learning with AWS and NVIDIA

Amazon Web Services & NVIDIA

Learn to accelerate machine learning workflows with AWS and NVIDIA. Gain hands-on experience with Amazon SageMaker, NVIDIA GPUs, RAPIDS, computer vision, and natural...

How Google does Machine Learning en Español

Google Cloud

Learn how Google implements machine learning in Spanish with the How Google does Machine Learning en Español course.

How Google does Machine Learning en Français

Google Cloud

This course provides a comprehensive overview of implementing machine learning on Google Cloud, including the use of Vertex AI and responsible AI practices.

IBM & Darden Digital Strategy

IBM & University of Virginia Darden School Foundation

This Specialization combines cutting-edge business research with the latest technical knowledge to empower career advancement. Gain a deep understanding of AI, cloud...

IBM AI Engineering


The IBM AI Engineering course equips you with essential skills in machine learning and deep learning using Python, Keras, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow


This specialization prepares data scientists for the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow V1 Data Science Specialist certification exam, focusing on building and deploying...

IBM AI Foundations for Business


IBM AI Foundations for Business provides business leaders with an understanding of AI-based solutions for business challenges.

IBM Applied AI


IBM Applied AI course equips you with Python skills to design, build, and deploy AI applications. Learn to create chatbots, explore machine learning, and develop...

IBM Machine Learning


Prepare for a career in machine learning with IBM's comprehensive program. Gain in-demand skills like AI and Machine Learning to get job-ready in less than 3 months....

Identify Damaged Car Parts with Vertex AutoML Vision

Google Cloud

Identify Damaged Car Parts with Vertex AutoML Vision

Image Classification with Amazon Sagemaker

Coursera Project Network

Learn to train and deploy an image classifier using Amazon Sagemaker in just 2 hours.

Image Compression with K-Means Clustering

Coursera Project Network

Image Compression with K-Means Clustering - Learn to compress images using k-means clustering in Python with scikit-learn and build interactive GUI components in...

Image Data Augmentation with Keras

Coursera Project Network

Learn to apply image data augmentation in Keras through a practical, project-based course that covers a variety of options available in the ImageDataGenerator class....