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Unveil the magic behind algorithms with machine learning courses. A machine learning course will teach you about supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, and more. This is your first step towards a career in AI.

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Tensorflow : Analyse de Sentiments avec Word Embedding

Coursera Project Network

Learn to create a sentiment analysis machine learning model using TensorFlow and word embedding. Practice with real data and visualize word weights for deep learning...

TensorFlow for AI: Neural Network Representation

Coursera Project Network

This guided project course provides hands-on experience in creating and training convolutional neural networks with TensorFlow for real-world image analysis tasks....

TensorFlow for CNNs: Learn and Practice CNNs

Coursera Project Network

Learn the fundamentals of CNNs and create image classification models with TensorFlow in this 2-hour project-based course.

TensorFlow Serving with Docker for Model Deployment

Coursera Project Network

Deploy deep learning models with TensorFlow Serving and Docker in this hands-on guided project. Train, deploy, and perform model inference within 90 seconds using...

TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques


Learn advanced TensorFlow techniques with the DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques Specialization. Build exotic non-sequential models, explore generative...

TensorFlow: Data and Deployment


TensorFlow: Data and Deployment is a four-course Specialization that equips you to deploy machine learning models on various devices and platforms, utilizing TensorFlow.js,...

Tesla Stock Price Prediction using Facebook Prophet

Coursera Project Network

Learn to forecast Tesla stock price using Facebook Prophet and automate the process for any stock in this 1.5-hour guided project.

The Power of Machine Learning: Boost Business, Accumulate Clicks, Fight Fraud, and Deny Deadbeats


The course "The Power of Machine Learning" equips business professionals and data scientists with the knowledge to deploy machine learning effectively,...

The Pytorch basics you need to start your ML projects

Coursera Project Network

The PyTorch basics course provides a hands-on introduction to ML coding environment setup, PyTorch tensors, and neural network module usage.

Titanic Survival Prediction Using Machine Learning

Coursera Project Network

Learn to predict Titanic survivors using logistic regression and naïve bayes classifiers in this 1-hour guided project-based course.

Training & Visualizing a Decision Tree ,predicting and checking sensitivity

Coursera Project Network

Training & Visualizing a Decision Tree, predicting and checking sensitivity

Transfer Learning for NLP with TensorFlow Hub

Coursera Project Network

Transfer Learning for NLP with TensorFlow Hub is a hands-on project focused on utilizing pre-trained NLP models, performing transfer learning, and visualizing model...

Understanding Deepfakes with Keras

Coursera Project Network

Learn to implement DCGAN and train it to synthesize realistic images in this 2-hour project-based course on understanding deepfakes with Keras.

University Admission Prediction Using Multiple Linear Regression

Coursera Project Network

Train regression models to predict university admission probability based on student profiles in this hands-on guided project.

Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning

DeepLearning.AI & Stanford University

Uncover the power of unsupervised learning, recommender systems, and reinforcement learning in this comprehensive machine learning course.

Unsupervised Machine Learning


Unsupervised Machine Learning introduces learners to unsupervised learning techniques, including clustering, dimension reduction, and selecting the right algorithms...

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Customer Market Segmentation

Coursera Project Network

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Customer Market Segmentation

User Awareness and Education for Generative AI

Coursera Instructor Network

This course empowers users with a friendly understanding of Generative AI, emphasizing transparency, informed decision-making, and responsible interaction with AI...