The Marketing Plan

IE Business School

Create your own Marketing Plan for your product or service idea with the guidance of a seasoned professor from IE Business School. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the crucial stages of The Marketing Plan, including analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix implementation, and expected results.

Through a series of engaging modules, students will delve into topics such as the SWOT matrix, customer targeting, pricing strategies, integrated communication, and metrics for measuring success. The course is designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and practical skills required to develop a professional and effective marketing plan.

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The Marketing Plan
Course Modules

This course comprises four modules that cover essential aspects of creating a Marketing Plan. Students will explore analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix implementation, and expected results, gaining practical insights and skills to develop a professional marketing plan.


This module provides an introduction to The Marketing Plan, covering the definition, objectives, and structure. Students will also explore the critical elements of external and internal analysis, the SWOT matrix, and the application of these concepts to the Nissan Leaf case study.

Marketing Strategy

In this module, students delve into marketing strategy, covering financial and non-financial objectives, customer attraction vs. retention, target segment identification, and product positioning. The module also explores decision-making processes and pricing strategies.

Marketing Mix Implementation

Participants will explore the implementation of marketing mix in this module, covering product strategy, branding, pricing, distribution channels, and integrated communication strategy. The module provides insights into short-term and long-term tactics and offers practical guidance on completing related assignments.

Expected results

This module focuses on expected results, including the definition and metrics for financial, non-financial, strategic, and customer objectives. Students will also gain insights into budgeting and receive guidance on completing the related assignment.

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