Business and Marketing Strategies

University of London

In this Specialization, you will develop knowledge and skills in the interconnected spheres of business and marketing. The program is designed to provide a global perspective, enabling you to recognize market opportunities and create a competitive advantage.

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy
  • Fundamentals of International Business
  • Operations Systems Excellence
  • Consumption, Marketing and Culture

Each module offers unique insights into key aspects of business and marketing, preparing learners to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape effectively.

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Business and Marketing Strategies
Course Modules

This course comprises modules covering Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy, Fundamentals of International Business, Operations Systems Excellence, and Consumption, Marketing and Culture, providing a comprehensive understanding of business and marketing strategies.

Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy

The 'Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy' course is highly interactive, allowing learners to explore key marketing models and concepts to formulate effective strategies. By the end of the course, learners will have gained a deeper understanding of the dynamic marketing environment and developed skills to conduct audits and implement effective strategies.

Fundamentals of International Business

'Fundamentals of International Business' provides essential knowledge about international business, its key actors, and recent trends. Students will familiarize themselves with concepts such as globalization, internationalization, and multinationals, gaining insights that are directly applicable to contemporary business practices.

Operations Systems Excellence

'Operations Systems Excellence' introduces learners to the design, planning, and control of operating systems for the provision of goods and services. By understanding how operating methods contribute to corporate excellence, students will be equipped to drive competitiveness within organizations.

Consumption, Marketing and Culture

The course 'Consumption, Marketing and Culture' delves into the role of marketing activities in shaping consumer cultures and lives. Through a critical and analytical approach, students will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of marketing on consumer societies.

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