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Transmission Lines and EM Waves

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Course topics: Applications of Electromagnetic waves, Transmission Lines, Maxwell’s Equations, Uniform Plane Wave, Plane Waves at a Media Interface, Waveguides,...


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Tribology deals with design of fluid containment systems like seals and gasket, Lubrication of surfaces in relative motion to achieve reduced friction and wear....

Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lasers are essential to an incredibly large number of applications. Today, they are used in bar code readers, compact discs, medicine, communications, sensors, materials...

Vibration of Structures

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Vibrations of strings and bars: equations of motion, modal analysis, approximate methods, initial value problem, forced vibrations, damped vibrations. Wave propagation...

Water Resources Systems: Modeling Techniques & Analysis

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

The course introduces the concepts of systems techniques in water resources planning and management. Course contents:

Wireless Communication

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The course covers lessons in types of Wireless Communication, Electromagnetic Spectrum, timeline of wireless communication development, its multimedia requirements,...