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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (abbreviated IIT Delhi or IITD) is a public engineering institution located in Delhi, India. It is one of the IITs along with other Indian Institutes of Technology institutions in India.

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  • Building Materials and Construction

    Course topics: Functions of buildings and structure in general. Loads on buildings as per IS 875, IS 1893 and NBC. Functional requirements of buildings and necessity...

  • Circuit Theory

    Course topics: Review of Signals and Systems, Network equations, Step Impulse and Complete Response, 2nd order Circuits, Transform Domain Analysis, Network Theorems...

  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

  • Control Engineering

    This course covers lessons on dynamic system and response, models of industrial control device and systems, basic principles of feedback control and performance...

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Electronics

    It is a basic introductory course on Electronics and its Principles. It starts with basics of p-n junctions leading to diodes and transistors. The circuit applications...

  • Embedded Systems

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes

    More than 90% of all the chemical product formation processes are catalytic in nature and heterogeneous catalysis plays an enormous role. Improving the catalyst...

  • Organisation Management

    The Rationale and objective of the courses to impart to the student: An understanding of the theory and principles of Organization Management and the resulting...