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22 Electronics Engineering Courses

Error Correcting Codes

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

This course is typically meant for an Masters-level or final-year BE student. Error-correcting codes are in widespread use for data storage as well as most forms...

Information Theory and Coding

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

This course covers lessons on information theory and coding, entrophy, block code and its properties, huffman coding,Shannon-Fano-Elias, arithmetic coding, information...

MEMS and Microsystems

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

This course covers lessons in micro sensors, MEMS materials and its properties, micro electronic and micro machining technology for MEMS, etch stop techniques, microstereolithography,...

Pattern Recognition

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Introduction to pattern recognition, introduction to classifier design and supervised learning from data, classification and regression, basics of Bayesian decision...

Probability & Random Variables

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Course outline: Introduction to Probability, Random variables, Sequence of random variables and convergence: Random process,

RF Integrated Circuits

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

This course will develop electronic circuits for radio frequency applications, specific to CMOS integrated circuits. As the course title suggests, the course will...

Signals and System

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

What is Signal and System Theory? The black-box approach. Physical instances and their adaptation in the framework. Formal definition of 'signal' and 'system'. The...

Transmission Lines and EM Waves

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Course topics: Applications of Electromagnetic waves, Transmission Lines, Maxwell’s Equations, Uniform Plane Wave, Plane Waves at a Media Interface, Waveguides,...

Wireless Communication

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The course covers lessons in types of Wireless Communication, Electromagnetic Spectrum, timeline of wireless communication development, its multimedia requirements,...