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Learn to protect digital assets with computer security and networks courses. Whether you're an aspiring cybersecurity expert or network administrator, a computer security and networks course is essential.

87 Computer Security and Networks Courses

Practice Exam for CompTIA ITF+ Certification


Prepare for the CompTIA ITF+ Certification exam with this comprehensive course, including exam-taking strategies, readiness assessment, and cloud computing topics....

Preparation for CompTIA A+ Certification


Prepare for CompTIA A+ Certification with this intermediate-level specialization from IBM. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the IT industry and become...

Previous OWASP Risks


This course delves into the intricacies of previous OWASP risks, including XML External Entities, Cross-Site Scripting, and Insecure Deserialization.

Rastreo de paquetes con Wireshark: Cree sus Primeros Filtros

Coursera Project Network

Learn to trace and analyze network traffic, implement filters, and identify real-world cyber attacks using Wireshark in this practical 1-hour guided project.

Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation

New York University

Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation equips learners with advanced techniques for protecting enterprise assets against cyber threats in real-time.

Ressources numériques, menaces et vulnérabilités


Ressources numériques, menaces et vulnérabilités course provides essential skills for entry-level cybersecurity jobs, covering resource classification, threat...

Secure Coding in Laravel


Secure Coding in Laravel is a comprehensive course covering best practices and real-life examples for building safe and secure web applications using the Laravel...

Secure Coding Practices

University of California, Davis

Secure Coding Practices is a comprehensive Specialization that equips software developers with the skills to identify and remediate vulnerabilities while enhancing...

Secure Networked System with Firewall and IDS

University of Colorado System

This course provides comprehensive knowledge about securing network systems using firewalls and IDS for a robust defense against cyber threats.

Software Defined Networking

The University of Chicago

Software Defined Networking offers an in-depth exploration of SDN, its impact on network management, and its applications across various domains. Participants gain...

Technical Deep Dive with Incident Response Tools


This course offers a technical deep dive into incident response tools, providing hands-on experience in memory, network, and host analysis and forensics, ideal for...

Tirer la sonnette d'alarme : détection et réponse


Tirer la sonnette d'alarme : détection et réponse is a comprehensive course focusing on incident detection, response, and network traffic analysis in the cybersecurity...

Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL


Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL equips learners with essential computing skills for cybersecurity roles, covering Linux command line usage and SQL database querying....

Web3 and Blockchain in Global Commerce


Discover the transformative power of blockchain in global commerce, exploring its impact on supply chains, leadership, and business opportunities.

Wireshark para Principiantes: Paquetes de Captura

Coursera Project Network

Learn to capture network traffic using Wireshark, from installation to analysis. Develop essential skills to troubleshoot network issues and enhance data security....