Technical Deep Dive with Incident Response Tools


The Cyber Incident Response course offers a comprehensive understanding of incident response and equips students with crucial technical skills through hands-on labs and projects.

  • Gain insights into incident response phases and processes
  • Explore network forensics with Zeek and Wireshark
  • Learn memory forensics and analysis techniques
  • Engage in real-world incident response scenarios
  • Apply forensics and offensive knowledge to incident response

Designed for individuals seeking to leverage forensics and ethical hacking in the incident response domain, this course provides a deep dive into technical aspects while emphasizing practical application.

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Technical Deep Dive with Incident Response Tools
Course Modules

The course covers network forensics with Zeek and Wireshark, memory forensics, and real-world incident response scenarios, providing a deep technical dive into essential tools and processes for incident response.

Network Forensics

Gain hands-on experience in network forensics with Zeek and Wireshark, learning to analyze conn.log, http.log, dns.log, and integrate them. This module provides essential skills for understanding network activities during incident response.

Memory Forensics

Explore memory forensics by extracting memory dumps and artifacts using Volatility. This module offers practical knowledge in memory analysis techniques that are crucial in incident response scenarios.

Incident Response Scenario 1: Data Breach/Hacking Incident

Engage in a realistic data breach/hacking incident investigation, containment, and eradication/validation scenarios. This module provides hands-on experience in responding to critical security incidents.

Incident Response Scenario 2: Live Ongoing Hacking Incident

Participate in live ongoing hacking incident detection, investigation, and containment, emphasizing the incident response process and essential tools. This module offers practical insights into real-time incident response scenarios.

Incident Response Scenario 3: SolarWinds

Delve into the SolarWinds case to understand a specific incident response scenario, gaining insights into handling unique cybersecurity incidents. This module provides a practical understanding of responding to specialized security threats.

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