American History Through Baseball

University of Colorado Boulder

This specialization, offered by University of Colorado Boulder, provides an in-depth look at American history through the lens of baseball, appealing to sports marketing, administration, MLB enthusiasts, and those interested in American culture and globalization.

Throughout the four courses, learners track American history and baseball history side-by-side, gaining a broad sense of historical change, politics, economy, society, and culture, and exploring persistent challenges. The modules delve into topics such as money's influence in baseball, the connection between baseball and international relations, the role of baseball in reflecting race, gender, and culture, the ties between baseball and Americanism, and the impact of contemporary trends and issues on baseball and America.

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American History Through Baseball
Course Modules

The course modules delve into moneyball and globalization, race, gender, and culture, baseball and Americanism, and baseball into the millennium, offering comprehensive insights into the historical, cultural, and societal aspects of baseball and American history.

Moneyball and Globalization

Moneyball and Globalization explores the influence of money on baseball, its connection to the international arena, and the impact of history on the business of baseball.

Race, Gender, and Culture

Race, Gender, and Culture examines how baseball reflects the history of race relations, the challenges faced by women in sports and America, and its illumination of American culture.

Baseball and Americanism

Baseball and Americanism gauges the role of nationalism in American history, surveys the influence of institutions such as the U.S. presidency on baseball, and investigates the ties between American identity and baseball.

Baseball into the Millennium

Baseball into the Millennium delves into the role of war and crises on baseball, the impact of moneyball on the game and America, and the connection between contemporary trends, issues, and movements to more distant history.

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