Benjamin Franklin and His World

University of Pennsylvania

Welcome to Benjamin Franklin and His World! In this online version of the University of Pennsylvania's SNF Paideia course, we explore the life of one of the United States’ most important historical figures. We examine Franklin’s early life growing up in the American colonies, his professional career as a printer and scientist, and his role in the American Revolution and the founding the United States as a new nation on the world stage. We will also confront the moral issues that complicate the legacy of Benjamin Franklin, such as his connection to slavery and the racism that was prevalent during his time. We’ll wrestle with how to evaluate Franklin in the present day as we examine his life through both a modern lens and the historical context in which he lived. Support for this course has generously been provided by the SNF Paideia Program at the University of Pennsylvania and the Colton Foundation.

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Benjamin Franklin and His World
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