Religion and Thought in Modern China: the Song, Jin, and Yuan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Embark on a multi-disciplinary journey through Chinese cultural history with a focus on paradigm shifts in rationality. Spanning from the Warring States to modern China, this course delves into the cultural, social, and political factors shaping Chinese thought and religion.

Explore the emergence of modern China in the Song-Yuan and its evolution to the present day. Understand the transition from religious to scientific and nationalistic value systems, and their influence on Chinese society. Engage with a rich array of cultural artifacts, literature, and rituals to gain insights into the dynamic evolution of Chinese thought and religious practices.

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Religion and Thought in Modern China: the Song, Jin, and Yuan
Course Modules

Delve into the historical background, religious change, state control of religion, local society, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and more, across the different modules of this comprehensive course.

Module 13 Modern China

Explore the historical background and religious change in modern China, focusing on Daoism, Chaoyuantu, the United Front, and Daoxue as the religion of empire.

Module 14 State Religion

Gain insights into state control of religion, the role of Confucianism, and dynastic ancestors shaping religious practices and beliefs.

Module 15 Local Society

Examine the intricacies of local society, including the village earth god association, Buddhist and Daoist influence, and the role of shamans in shaping religious practices.

Module 16 Daoism in the Song and Jin

Dive into the world of Daoism in the Song and Jin periods, exploring the Universal Salvation ritual, Daoist marshals, and the Heavenly Masters' influence.

Module 17 Buddhism in the Song

Discover the role of Chan self-cultivation, Tiantai ritual, and the significance of rituals for the laity in Buddhism during the Song period.

Module 18 Dunhuang

Uncover the rich cultural heritage of Dunhuang, including cave culture, Big Buddhas, and the intricate Buddhist rituals depicted in the artwork.

Module 19 Confucianism in the Song 1

Explore the background, precursors, and exclusions in Confucianism during the Song dynasty, shedding light on the evolution of this influential philosophical system.

Module 20 Confucianism in the Song 2

Delve into the world of Confucianism in the Song era, examining the role of cosmology, the elite, and Daoxue academies in shaping Confucian thought and practice.

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