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Self improvement courses focus on personal growth and development. Whether it's boosting your confidence or learning stress management, a self improvement course can help you become a better version of yourself.

123 Self Improvement Courses

Preparing for and Passing Technical Certifications

ROI Training

Technology provides you with great opportunities for professional advancement, and technical certifications prove your knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience...

Preparing for Your CertNexus Certification Exam


What is a certification? How is it different than a certificate or credential? This mini-course will answer these questions and provide learners direction on how...

Present with Purpose: Create/Deliver Effective Presentations


Knowing how to create a presentation is a powerful tool when it comes to communication. Presentations are a key part of every office or business related job and...

Principles of Leadership: Leading Oneself

University of Colorado Boulder

Humans have an innate desire to improve, grow and perform well. In this specialization we will provide tactics and tools to perform at your best. This course is...

Principles of Leadership: Leading Technical Teams

University of Colorado Boulder

This class is about becoming a Great Leader. Great Leaders know how to hire great individuals, form and empower great teams, and delegate to those teams appropriately....

Professionalism in Allied Health


This course will benefit anyone considering a career in allied health, as well as those already working the field. Allied Health Professionals must be committed...

Public Speaking and Presentations

Arizona State University

Learn the strategies to share your message with audiences of any size, and plan your message type based on your communication goals!

Purpose at Work: A Course for Employees and Leaders

University of Michigan

Welcome to Purpose at Work: A Course for Employees and Leaders! Why purpose at work? Because most of us spend most of our waking hours working. Many of us spend...

Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Learners will deepen their understanding and appreciation of ways in which race, ethnicity and cultural diversity have shaped American institutions, ideology, law,...

Ready to Roll – The Video Production Process

University of Colorado Boulder

If you’ve done your pre-production thoroughly, then you should feel confident moving on to this next step — gathering the raw materials that you will use to...

Resilience for Everyone

Arizona State University

By the end of the specialization, you will be able to:\n\nIdentify and solve your stress and time management challenges. Develop a growth mindset and persistence...

Sit Less, Get Active

The University of Edinburgh

Physical inactivity and sedentariness are “silent killers”. Do you feel like you spend too much time sitting? Do you feel like you would like to be more active?...

Speaking and Presenting: Pitches and Persuasion

University of Michigan

The hope good presenters project when pitching their ideas is not naïve hope. They’re not Pollyanna at the podium. Instead, the solutions they offer are supported...

Speaking and Presenting: Poise

University of Michigan

Poise is not some elusive or innate characteristic. It’s a series of choices, all of which can help you better connect with your intended audience. This course...

Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches

University of Washington

The most memorable speeches inspire, entertain, and praise. By blending stories and eloquence, great speeches highlight the core values motivating an audience. You...

Storying the Self for Leadership and Creativity

University of Colorado Boulder

If you're moving into a leadership position, interested in thinking deeply about identity, or exploring the role of creativity in your life, this specialization...

Storying the Self: How Stories Shape our Identities

University of Colorado Boulder

Explore how artists have come to understand their identities over time, through creative media and scholarly discussions. You will connect with your own sources...

Strategic Career Self-Management

The State University of New York

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the current economy, Americans shift jobs every 4-5 years, which translates into 8-10 job transitions, including...