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Master the science of data with probability and statistics courses. Learn about random variables, distributions, and hypothesis testing. A probability and statistics course is essential for data science and engineering.

32 Probability and Statistics Courses

Introduction to Computational Statistics for Data Scientists


The purpose of this series of courses is to teach the basics of Computational Statistics for the purpose of performing inference to aspiring or new Data Scientists....

Introduction to Predictive Modeling

University of Minnesota

Welcome to Introduction to Predictive Modeling, the first course in the University of Minnesota’s Analytics for Decision Making specialization. This course will...

Managing, Describing, and Analyzing Data

University of Colorado Boulder

In this course, you will learn the basics of understanding the data you have and why correctly classifying data is the first step to making correct decisions. You...

Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2

Johns Hopkins University

Learn fundamental concepts in data analysis and statistical inference, focusing on one and two independent samples.

Measurement Systems Analysis

University of Colorado Boulder

In this course, you will learn to analyze measurement systems for process stability and capability and why having a stable measurement process is imperative prior...

Regression and Classification

University of Colorado Boulder

Introduction to Statistical Learning will explore concepts in statistical modeling, such as when to use certain models, how to tune those models, and if other options...

Stability and Capability in Quality Improvement

University of Colorado Boulder

In this course, you will learn to analyze data in terms of process stability and statistical control and why having a stable process is imperative prior to perform...

Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing in Data Science Applications

University of Colorado Boulder

This course will focus on theory and implementation of hypothesis testing, especially as it relates to applications in data science. Students will learn to use hypothesis...

Statistical Inference for Estimation in Data Science

University of Colorado Boulder

This course introduces statistical inference, sampling distributions, and confidence intervals. Students will learn how to define and construct good estimators,...

Statistical Modeling for Data Science Applications

University of Colorado Boulder

Statistical modeling lies at the heart of data science. Well crafted statistical models allow data scientists to draw conclusions about the world from the limited...

Statistics with Python

University of Michigan

This specialization is designed to teach learners beginning and intermediate concepts of statistical analysis using the Python programming language. Learners will...

The Power of Statistics


This is the fourth of seven courses in the Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate. In this course, you’ll discover how data professionals use statistics to...

Trees, SVM and Unsupervised Learning

University of Colorado Boulder

"Trees, SVM and Unsupervised Learning" is designed to provide working professionals with a solid foundation in support vector machines, neural networks,...

Wrangling Data for Data Analysts with Python

Coursera Project Network

By the end of this project, you will be able to analyze and data and answer three different questions by Data wrangling which is the process of gathering, selecting,...