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Create a project in Upwork

Coursera Project Network

In this project, learners create a project in Upwork as a freelancer. Upwork is a platform for freelancers to find and communicate with clients for different projects....

Create Informative Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Coursera Project Network

By the end of this project, you will create a free account on Microsoft 365, will get access to Microsoft PowerPoint, and will create an informative presentation...

Creating a Portfolio Using Weebly

Coursera Project Network

In this project, learners will create a stunning portfolio website using Weebly. They will learn important skills such as site setup, selecting and customizing an...

Creative Problem Solving

University of Minnesota

This course deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple...

Creative Thinking

Arizona State University

Leverage your imagination and curiosity to think creatively! Find outside-the-box solutions to even your toughest challenges.

Decision Making - How to Choose the Right Problem to Solve

University of Leeds

Life is full of problems. The question is, which problems do you try to solve first and how? Learn powerful decision-making methods and how to cultivate problem-solving...


Arizona State University

Do you want to more effectively handle complex challenges? In this Decision-making specialization, learn how to solve problems, make decisions and think creatively...

Decision-Making for Everyone

Arizona State University

By the end of the specialization, you will be able to:\n\nApply creative thinking to a variety of workplace situations and challenges. Decide between various alternatives,...

Delivering Quality Work with Agility


When you hand in work in a professional workspace, employers expect it to be good quality work and done in a timely manner. By taking this short course you will...

Designing and Building Institutional Anti-Racist Spaces

Wesleyan University

Designing and Building Institutional Antiracist Spaces (D-BIAS) is a course whose mission is to teach tenets of equity, anti-racism, and cultural justice and how...

Digital Communication and Emotion

Arizona State University

Communication online can be hard, especially when emotions get involved. Whether you’re facing someone’s sarcastic joke or a heated discussion, digital communication...

Digital Footprint

The University of Edinburgh

If I Googled you, what would I find? As we move around the online world we leave tracks and traces of our activity all the time: social media accounts, tagged images,...

Digital Intelligence for Everyone

Arizona State University

By the end of the specialization, you will be able to:\n\nUse digital tools to improve and maintain well-being. Secure and safely operate your digital tools and...

Digital Tools and Well-Being

Arizona State University

Well-being matters in every part of life: your physical health, mental health and even your relationships. With every new digital tool that comes into your life,...

Dynamic Public Speaking

University of Washington

Good speaking is your most enduring job skill. This four-course specialization will provide you with the instruction, experience, and practice to develop and deliver...

Effective Communication in the Globalised Workplace - The Capstone

National University of Singapore

The Capstone Project for this Specialisation requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the courses and integrate the knowledge and skills learned in real...

Empathy for Self and Others

Arizona State University

Empathy is something people must use every day. Empathy isn't limited to understanding other people; it's also about understanding yourself. An important key to...

Erstelle Organisationsvorlagen in Trello

Coursera Project Network

Am Ende dieses Projekts wirst du in der Lage sein Organisationsvorlagen in Trello zu erstellen. Trello ist eine webbasierende Applikation, die von vielen Unternehmen...